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Don't Support stuff.co.nz's Racism and Sexism and the Media's Culture of Lies

Peter Zohrab 2020

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I understand the reason for it, but I am nevertheless outraged that men's taxes are being used to subsidise the media, who spend a lot of their time and power creating anti-male myths and making anti-male assumptions, in order to dress those assumptions up, subsequently, as factual conclusions.

For example, stuff.co.nz have produced what they call a "Homicide Report". First off, I would like to discuss the insane sexism and racism of the Homicide Report's article called "For some women, there is only a thin line of defence against violent death." This article by Stuff journalist, Michelle Duff, simply presupposes that all perpetrators of Domestic Violence are men and all victims of it are women. She only interviewed a woman whose research presupposed that. She ignored all the scientific research (see Professor Fiebert's annotated bibliography of Domestic Violence research at https://web.csulb.edu/~mfiebert/assault.htm).


Media Sexism

Referring to the murder of Arishma Chand, Stuff journalist, Michelle Duff writes as follows:

"The Chands do not know what they could have done to protect their daughter. They say they didn't know the full extent of Arishma's relationship with Singh – everything they have heard has been Singh's version, told in court, or from the police.

The one person who could tell them the truth is no longer here to speak it."

This Michelle Duff person obviously thinks that she knows that whatever Arishma Chand would have said would have been "the truth" -- whereas what her husband and the police stated constituted lies. The reason she thinks she knows this is that she always takes the side of women against men -- and stuff.co.nz calls this process "journalism".

Bear this in mind when you read the following sentence, written by Michelle Duff:

"Stuff approached both the Wellington Indian Association and Auckland Indian Association for this article, but did not receive a response."

By writing this, Michelle Duff creates the impression that the Wellington Indian Association and the Auckland Indian Association were at fault for not responding to her approach and that they would probably have had nothing of a morally defensible nature to say. However, we have seen that Michelle Duff THINKS THAT SHE KNOWS IN ADVANCE that South Asian women always tell the truth and that South Asian men always tell lies. Therefore, given this grotesque and totally predictable sexist bias on her part, it would have served absolutely no purpose for these associations to have spoken with her.


Media Racism

Michelle Duff also writes:

"In almost all (Asian, African and Middle Eastern) communities, leaving a marriage is considered shameful and treacherous and something that should not be encouraged. Such beliefs result in extremely brutal deaths. In such cases, it could often be believed that not only the husband has been shamed but entire families and entire communities."'

That is a very racist statement. How many Asian, African and Middle Eastern communities are there in New Zealand and how does Michelle Duff know that "almost all" of them have the above attitudes? Even assuming that what she says above is true of at least some communities, it is a lie to say, "Such beliefs result in extremely brutal deaths." What might result in some deaths is those beliefs, coupled with the fact that the wife had decided to shame her husband and possibly the entire family and community and also in the probably rare circumstance that someone might feel that murder is the appropriate remedy to apply to the situation.

Either New Zealand is a multicultural country or it is not. The attitude that "leaving a marriage is considered shameful and treacherous and something that should not be encouraged" is a perfectly valid attitude. The mainstream New Zealand family is a basket-case, with huge problems involving family breakdowns, fatherless children, suicide, family violence and so on -- brought about by Feminist divorce and separation laws aimed at destroying the family. If New Zealand is a multicultural country, then the efforts of some communities to resist this social tsunami are perfectly valid -- indeed heroic!


More Media Sexism

At one level, the Homicide Report is a database. There is nothing wrong with that. But then the journalists set themselves up as analysts of this data for our benefit. Given the grotesque man-hatred (misandry) of the media, that is very problematic.


The Media View Themselves as a Political Power-Base

I'm sure you have heard of the song which starts, "They can't get me -- I'm part of the Union." Well, the media probably sing a modified version, which goes, "They can't get me -- I'm part of the Media." You know the mantra:

"Democracy presupposes a free media sector which can hold politicians (especially the Government) to account."

This gives media personnel an almost free hand to censor views they dislike and to disseminate propaganda which they do like. The Press Council and Broadcasting Standards Authority are weak and compliant servants of the values which the media wish to promulgate.


-- Hamill, Jasper (2019): "Men are more disadvantaged than women in the UK, US and most of Europe, scientists claim." Metro, 4 Jan 2019.


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Peter Douglas Zohrab

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13 March 2022