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It is so well-known that members of ethnic minorities tend to be more likely to be criminals than the majority, that I do not have to provide a link to statistics about this. On the other hand, some ethnic minorities (such as Jews, Chinese and Armenians, for example) tend, as far as I know, to be less likely to be criminals than the majority. This fact is a threat to ethnic minorities such as American Blacks and New Zealand Maoris, some of whom would like to claim that crime is the result of the oppression of minorities. The existence of minorities which are economically successful and not so likely to be criminals is a threat to this theory (or excuse).

However, once one allows a pro-male perspective to be considered -- which our viciously anti-male universities, governments and media do not -- one is able to shed some light on this phenomenon. I assume that my understanding of evolutionary theory is reasonably correct, and suggest that different ethnic and racial groups evolve differently because of the differences in their environments. In this way, the Jews are supposed to be more intelligent than most/all other ethnic groups, because clever Jews in Europe, down the centuries of dicrimination, were able to survive better and have more children than were less intelligent Jews. Note that we are probably really only talking about male Jews here. Male Jews probably did most of the economically important work, I assume.

Conversely, in situations of frequent warfare with neighbouring groups (as with the pre-European Maoris in New Zealand), it may well be that evolution favoured tribes, sub-tribes and individuals who were good at fighting. Intelligence is important in warfare, but other skills and personal attributes are equally (or more) important. Again, we are probably talking only about the males here. Males did most of the fighting and planning of warfare, I assume.

In modern societies, many women are quite open about wanting to marry millionaires, and I think it is true to say that women are more upwardly mobile than men are, because a good-looking woman from whatever class can easily marry a rich man (This is an empirical issue, and I realise I am making assumptions here). Men, conversely, generally have to earn a reasonable income if they want to attract a woman, because good looks in a man are not so socially important as they are in a woman.

If a particular ethnic minority has evolved (until very recently) in an environment which is very different from modern Western countries, then it is understandable that the characteristics needed to succeed in such countries will not be very common in that minority. This makes socio-economic success hard to achieve for the males of that minority.

So consider the situation of a male from an ethnic minority such as an American Black or a New Zealand Maori, whose esperience tells him that he is unlikely to be able to earn enough to attract the kind of woman he wants. Crime may well seem to be the only road open to him.

This situation is made worse by Feminism, which pushes women into the workforce, raises women's average income, and therefore raises their expectations of the income-level of any man that they would want to marry or live with. The Feminist media in New Zealand have been full of women complaining about how hard it was to find men, without "lowering their standards." I find this phrase "lowering their standards" to be quite extraordinary. As a man, I am not sure exactly what it means, but I think it must be a reference to income-level, race and social class. In other words, poor Maori and Polynesian men need not apply!

The solution is probably to destroy Feminism (by subjecting it to rational scrutiny, which most women are incapable of) and to provide government incentives for interracial marriages and long-term relationships. There is nothing good about ethnic groups -- all they do is fight with each other -- so let's abolish them!


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