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Portland Call to Eliminate Destabilising Racist and Sexist Content by the Mainstream Media

Peter Zohrab 2020

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(Open Letter to World Leaders)


Dear Jacinda Ardern, Donald Trump and all other Heads of States and Governments,


The Crisis


I refer to the Christchurch Call to Eliminate Terrorist & Violent Extremist Content Online, which set a precedent, as regards international political censorship.

According to some accounts, "China has the longest continuous history of any country in the world—3,500 years of written history." It is worth asking how it accomplished this amazing feat. Part of the answer may have to do with its attitude to the equivalent of the traditional media. According to Wikipedia, The First Emperor "is traditionally said to have banned and burned many books and executed scholars."

I mention this, because the American media is possibly on the verge of destroying the United States, by determinedly lying about the riots in Portland, Oregon and elsewhere and bringing about a second civil war. As I have pointed out elsewhere, the Washington Post is among the media which have told lies, resulting in the sexist and racist Black Lives Matter movement. According to Wikipedia, "On 17 February 2017, President of the United States Donald Trump declared on Twitter that The New York Times, NBC News, ABC, CBS, and CNN were "fake news" and the "enemy of the people"." I couldn't have said it better myself!

As I said in the above article,

According to the Washington Post's database, thirty-one Black people per million have been killed by US police, which is somewhat more than the rate for Hispanics (twenty-three per million), Whites (thirteen per million) and "Others" (4 per million). However, thirty-four males per million have been killed by US police, which is vastly more than the rate for females, which is only 1.5 per million. The discrepancy between the police shooting rate for males and females is VASTLY greater than the discrepancy between the rates for Blacks and Whites.

Moreover, the Washington Post is sexist and racist. I had to calculate the male-female discrepancy for myself, whereas the Washington Post' page presents a bar-graph with the racial rates -- as if that was the most important discrepancy -- under the heading: "Black Americans are killed at a much higher rate than white Americans". However, they are only killed at TWICE the rate for Whites, whereas males are killed at TWENTY-TWO TIMES the rate for females! And the Washington Post spells "Black" with a capital letter and only allows "Whites" to have a lower-case "w", which is also racist.

This is a symptom of the entrenched secular cultural misandry (man-hatred) and anti-white racism of the self-styled "elites" of Western countries -- i.e. of these countries' MUC (Media-University Complex). This is not to deny the existence of misogyny and anti-Black racism in other parts of society.

The basic phenomenon we are dealing with here is a Leftist alliance which dominates the media. This alliance is composed of Feminists, racial minorities, gender minorities and other Leftists. This alliance believes in a predetermined ideology and only tells the public those versions of reality which fit this ideology. For example, if the media show an image of police officers mistreating a Black man, the Feminists in the media will make sure that this is portrayed as being about someone being Black, rather than about his being a male. The Feminists constitute a media roadblock which prevents men being portrayed as victims, as far as possible. When do our TV companies show us images of police officers mistreating a White man, as related in the webpage: "'You're gonna kill me!': Dallas police body cam footage reveals the final minutes of Tony Timpa's life"?

On Television New Zealand's "Breakfast" programme on 12th June 2020, I saw Hayley Holt interview Jacqui McGuire (a psychologist) about unconscious bias. Once McGuire had explained that all of us had biases that we were unconscious of, Holt immediately launched into an attack on White people for having biases against Black people. In other words, Hayley Holt was claiming not to have any biases herself, and that she knew that White people had biases against Black people (and not vice-versa, by implication). Holt obviously had only invited McGuire onto the show in order to give her a chance to attack White biases against Blacks! Holt subsequently disappeared from the "Breakfast" programme and turned up as a sports reporter on the evening news. I assume that McGuire had complained about the distortion of her views which had taken place. Holt was a former snowboarder. TVNZ and TV3 have an unfortunate tendency to turn retired snowboarders, netballers and cricketers into morning television hosts -- probably because of their stardom. This is unfortunate, because it would be preferable to have competent people in these roles. In addition, they are addicted to "Diversity", so these stations dish up to us a mixture of males, females, Homosexuals, Maoris, Whites and Asians, etc., instead of people chosen for their competence. Diversity is inherently discriminatory, since it involves discriminating against competent people on the basis of their gender, race or sexual orientation, etc..

Of course, anti-Black racism has existed, exists and will continue to exist. However, the point is the totalitarian media should not be allowed to interpret every possible event as a case of anti-Black racism, just because it suits the Feminists for that to happen. I refer now to a New Zealand television interview with the co-leader of the Maori Party, John Tamihere.


John Tamihere and the child protection agency, Oranga Tamariki

One day, when I was a teacher at Tararua College, in Pahiatua, I was teaching Social Studies in a ground-floor classroom (the building may actually have only had one floor). Suddenly, loud music started blasting out from a large radio which someone had placed on a grassy area outside the block of classrooms. I went to it, turned it off and started to carry it into my classroom. A Maori youth appeared and demanded that I give him the radio, meaning that he had been the person responsible for the radio being there. You have to ask yourself why he had done that, and I would speculate that it was possibly motivated by racist hatred of that "Honky" school. I found out later that he was a gang prospect. I ignored him and kept on walking towards my classroom. He put his fist in my side, but he removed it when I told him to, as I was much bigger than he was. By this time we were just outside my classroom. I went inside, with him following me, complaining that it was not his radio. I said "Tough!" and told him to get out. At that moment, a Maori teacher, John Ngarimu, appeared and called to him by name. The youth immediately went to Mr. Ngarimu. Again, you have to ask yourself why he put his fist into the side of a White teacher (myself), but was immediately compliant when spoken to by another Maori. It seems fair to assume that he was racist and therefore more likely to accept instructions from another Maori than from a White.

In the television interview with Maori Party Co-Leader, John Tamihere, on the page "Maori Party proposes new independent child agency," Mr. Tamihere (who I have met) said that there should be a purely Maori agency (funded mainly by Non-Maoris, of course) to undertake the care and protection of Maori children. He said that uplifts of children should take place, when necessary, but not with the involvement of the Police. The interviewer pointed out to him that sometimes the parents did not want to give up the children, but Mr. Tamihere implied that the new Maori agency would be able to uplift children without the help of the Police. He did not explain why this was. In the context of the incident at Tararua College, we can see that the reason (if Mr. Tamihere is correct) would be Maori racism towards the state child-welfare agency, which is the agent of the mainly Non-Maori government of New Zealand. The scenario would be that Maori parents would be more likely to accept uplifts which were carried out by a Maori agency.

I am of mixed ancestry (as we all are, really!). Both as a child and as an adult, I have lived in many countries and learned several languages (to various extents) and both my wives have been from a country that is very different from New Zealand. Many White people who do not have this sort of background often have absolutely no idea that Non-Whites can be racist too. Most White people either are or are not racist towards particular racial groups, but no one has told them that these other people either are or are not racist towards particular racial groups, too.

Once, when I was living in London, I noticed a lot of publicity about the supposed mistreatment of Blacks by the Police in the suburb of Brixton. I went there once during this period and made a phone call from a public phone from Brixton underground train ("Tube") station. This was not late at night. The phone was not enclosed in any box, but was in the open, on a wall. While I was making the phone call, I felt a tugging at my upper thigh and noticed a Black teenager trying to pick my pocket. That was stupid thing to do, because I had taken to putting my wallet in my side pocket, from where no one could extract it without my noticing it. He and his friend ran away down the stairs, stopped, turned around and laughed at me. They thought it was great fun! No one else has ever tried to pick my pocket -- even in Third World countries. So, although it is perfectly possible that there was some mistreatment of Blacks by the Police, the basic problem was crime committed by Blacks in that suburb. All the criminals were presumably someone's son/daughter, brother/sister, etc. and the probability is that the Black community were more interested in helping their Black kith and kin that in helping the White Police. How did the Blacks treat the Police?


The Crime and Arrest Statistics

According to the Wikipedia article, "Race and crime in the United States", the homicide offending rate for African Americans was almost eight times higher than for Whites and robberies with White victims and Black offenders were more than 12 times more common than vice versa. Thus Blacks may be under-represented in the police killing statistics, rather than over-represented, as the media are pretending. After all, Blacks are only killed at twice the rate for Whites.

According to the Wikipedia article, "Sex differences in crime", in 2014, more than 73% of those arrested in the US were males, i.e. almost three times as many men as women were arrested by the police. Therefore, since males are killed by the police at twenty-two times the rate for females, males are massively over-represented in police killing statistics.


Entrenched Secular Cultural Misandry (Man-Hatred) by the Media

New Zealand television has given massive coverage to the protests and riots in the USA which resulted from the filming of a few recent police killings. The images of the people being killed, of people marching in the streets and of vandals and looters perpetrating criminal acts have made for compelling television. We had a right to expect some analysis, but I have not seen any -- no mention of the statistics listed above. Instead of analysis, the media have presented us with the emotive images which sparked all the above-mentioned lunatic behaviour by people in Portland, etc.! Why is this? This is because the media is full of women and other Feminists and they are simply not interested in men, except as sex-objects. They wanted us to think like the lunatic people of Portland, etc.. As far as the media are concerned, if they can get us to hate men and Whites, that is just a case of MISSION ACCOMPLISHED!!


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Peter Douglas Zohrab

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18 July 2021