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Censored* Email to Radio New Zealand

© Peter Zohrab 20 November 2006

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(After years of complaints by me, Radio New Zealand's National Programme, on its Nine-to-Noon programme, finally broke with its tradition of broadcasting frequent sexist, discriminatory, negligent and defamatory Feminist propaganda on Domestic Violence and finally allowed someone objective (Professor David Fergusson) to be interviewed on air about Domestic Violence. Of course, they "balanced" him with a Feminist psychologist -- although they never do any "balancing" when they broadcast Feminist propaganda.)

(Open Letter, slightly edited)

Your female psychologist interviewee said that male violence should be
concentrated on because:

  1. It was mostly more serious;

  2. Female violence was mostly in self-defence.


1. To the limited extent that male violence is more serious (i.e. only with
respect to a few murders), that is because YOU -- yes YOU (and almost all
the other women in the media and responsible jobs everywhere) -- have paid
absolutely no attention to female violence in your news, current affairs
and other feminist propaganda. You constantly encourage women to feel
themselves to be victims of male violence, and you never even mention the
possibility that men might need to report female violence to the police.
The police themselves are equally, viciously, biased.

For example:

"Brown, G. (2004). Gender as a factor in the response of the
law-enforcement system to violence against partners. Sexuality and Culture
8, (3-4), 3-139. (Summarizes partner violence data from the 1999 Canadian
General Social Survey <GSS>. The GSS is based on a representative sample of
25,876 persons. Overall in the 12-month period preceding the survey, an
estimated 3% Canadian women and 2% of Canadian men reported experiencing
violence from their partners. During the 5 year period from 1995-1999, an
estimated 8% of Canadian women and 7% of Canadian men reported violence from
their partners. Reviewed police and legal responses to partner violence in
Edmonton, Canada and concludes that

". . . men who are involved in disputes
with their partners, whether as alleged victims or as alleged offenders or
both, are disadvantaged and treated less favorably than women by the
law-enforcement system at almost every step.")"

From http://www.csulb.edu/~mfiebert/assault.htm

So men do not have the choice of reporting their partners' violence, and one
day some of them snap. That is YOUR fault!


2. To say that most female violence is in self-defence is a pure and simple
lie, which is what you expect from a female psychologist.

For example:

"Capaldi, D. M, Kim, H. K., & Shortt, J. W. (2004). Women's involvement in
aggression in young adult romantic relationships
. In M. Putallaz and K. L.
Bierman (Eds.). Aggression, Antisocial Behavior, and Violence Among Girls
(pp. 223-241). New York: Guildford Press. (A review chapter which reports
on data obtained from Oregon Youth Study and Couples Study. Authors
conclude that

"Young women were observed to initiate physical aggression
toward their partners more frequently than were the young men


"the relative prevalence of frequent physical aggression by women and of injury
and fear for men was surprisingly high

From http://www.csulb.edu/~mfiebert/assault.htm

All media people, public servants, teachers and academics who have focussed
for many decades on male violence without equally mentioning female violence
should be thrown into gaol and the key should be thrown away. They are
sexist, defaming, discriminatory, callous and vicious criminals.


*Although some emails in response to the interview were read out on air, this one was not read out.


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