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Is The Only Good Journalist a Dead Journalist?  No!!

Peter Zohrab 2022

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Is the only good journalist a dead journalist?  No!!  Even dead journalists are evil!

The sheer entitlement of journalists is breathtaking!!  Take Shireen Abu Akleh, for example, who was recently shot in the head and killed in Israeli-occupied Palestine.  Of course, no one had the right to kill her -- whether an Israeli soldier was the one who did it, or not.  However, note the following quote from her employer, Al Jazeera:

"Palestinian MP Khalida Jarrar said that Abu Akleh was the voice of Palestinians."

I have a Diploma of Journalism (by correspondence) and I was never taught that the job of a journalist was to be the so-called "voice" of a particular country or ethnic group!  Journalism is defined as follows:

"the collection, preparation, and distribution of news and related commentary and feature materials through such print and electronic media as newspapers, magazines, books, blogs, webcasts, podcasts, social networking and social media sites, and e-mail as well as through radio, motion pictures, and television."

When you turn on the television and select a news programme or an entire news channel, such as the Al Jazeera channel, you don't that because you want to hear and see partisan propaganda on behalf of Palestinians -- or anyone else. No!! What you want is news and current affairs!  If Al Jazeera said that it was the Voice of Palestinians, the Voice of Arabs, the Voice of Moslems and/or the Voice of Africa, would many people watch it?  Not nearly so many, I am sure.  What we want to watch is "news and related commentary and feature materials" which is as unbiased as possible!

What Al Jazeera says about itself is as follows:

"Al Jazeera is an independent news organisation funded in part by the Qatari government."

I agree that the Palestinians should have a "voice" -- but not one that cons people by masquerading as an independent news organisation!  Journalists feel entitled to dish out to us propaganda which furthers the agendas of those political causes that those journalists happen to like!  For example, Al Jazeera and all other "news" organisations that I usually access routinely dish out Feminist propaganda and avoid pro-men information like the plague.

Whereas nearly all media outlets function as Voices For Women, if men want a voice, they have to provide it themnseves -- see A Voice For Men, for example. 


Media anti-male bias is not a victimless crime.  It has very serious consequences, because all sorts of morons in politics, in the business community and elsewhere are sucked in by this anti-male propaganda and take concrete anti-male actions in the real world that oppress men.


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Peter Douglas Zohrab

Latest Update

26 August 2022