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Coup d'Etat by Journalism Schools

Peter Zohrab 2021

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(Open Letter to the Act Party Leader)


Dear David Seymour,


I am writing to suggest that the Act party push for a Royal Commission of Inquiry into the training of journalists in New Zealand. The reasons (in summary) are as follows:

  1. The media are very powerful, as even they (let alone President Trump and I myself) have stated;

  2. The organisations which train media personnel select and (probably) train them in order to pursue left-of-centre political goals.

  3. This amounts to reducing the political system to a plaything of schools of journalism, because the media determine the questions which they confront politicians with.

  4. Moreover, Journalism schools discriminate against academic candidates, which results in incompetent journalists.



The Chief Executive of Stuff has stated:

"If you think the job of the news media, in our company and others, is to hold the powerful to account, well, we are the powerful. We really have had an enormous impact in shaping public thought in New Zealand and societal norms, not just reflecting them, and I think it is only fitting that a progressive company can pause and have a look at itself."



Radio New Zealand is perhaps the most totalitarian disseminator of Feminist propaganda and censor of pro-male information amongst the New Zealand media. On a Sunday morning (27 December 2020), I heard part of one of the most incestuous media phenomena I had ever come across: one Radio New Zealand woman interviewing another Radio New Zealand woman about her life and work! The woman being interviewed was Kim Hill, who nowadays does a weekly programme on Saturday mornings, although she used to do the more political programme "Nine to Noon" on every weekday morning.

She said that she had "a useless BA" and had been unable to get into librarian school, but managed to get into journalism school, because the Head of the journalism school didn't realise that she was "middle-class and boring"! Kim Hill seemed to have no problem of any kind with the notion that this man (I think she said it was Brian Priestly, but I could be wrong) was gaming the democratic system by stuffing the journalism profession with people who were not "middle-class and boring" -- i.e. with people who were probably Left-wing, unconventional and relatively unacademic (and preferably female, I guess).

This is exactly the kind of experience of journalism school that I had in Auckland in the 1970s -- except that I was not allowed in! At that time, I had a lot of Leftist friends. One Left-wing, female friend of mine had applied at the same time as me, but had managed to get in -- although I had much better academic qualifications than she had. I had gone along to my interview wearing a suit and tie. The interviewer(s) asked me at one stage if I wanted to change the World, and I replied, "Of course not!" which was the wrong answer, I later realised. My female friend said that my mistake had been to wear a suit and tie. I also think that it might have been helpful to have had a sex-change!

It is totally inappropriate for journalism schools to admit students on the basis of whether they want to change the World or not! We rely on journalists to provide us with factual information about what is going on around us. Instead of doing that, they are conning and manipulating us, so that they can flatter themselves that they are "making a difference" and changing the World for what they think is the better!



Many people have mentioned or complained about media bias. For example, former Australian Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull said, "A very great politician, Winston Churchill, once said that politicians complaining about the newspapers is like a sailor complaining about the sea." Irrespective of whether or not Churchill did say that, Malcolm Fraser definitely did say that, and many politicians have thought that.



Kim Hill, during the above-mentioned interview, recalled an incident in her early journalistic career, when she wrongly reported the height of a river and implied that some canoeists should not have been on the water that day. She received some negative feedback, which (she stated) made her realise how important journalism really was. That mistake seems to be why she ended up spouting Feminist politics on Radio New Zealand! Kim Hill is probably just one of a large number of journalists with "useless BAs" who got into journalism school on the basis of being female and Leftist -- as well as useless!

Look at this sentence from a female Stuff journalist and marvel at the sheer stupidity involved:

"In Hawke’s Bay alone, the birthplace of the Mongrel Mob, police have recorded a 58 per cent increase in recorded gang membership last year."

It makes no sense to write "In Hawke’s Bay alone" and then give a percentage figure, such as 58%. If there had previously been only one gang member, an increase of 58% would have been an increase of fewer than one more member! Moreover, the journalist had already stated that the overall, national increase in gang membership was 13%!!


Journalism schools need urgently to be purged of low-brow, Left-wing staff who undemocratically control, dumb down and Left-shift the political discourse in New Zealand!


See also:


-- Hamill, Jasper (2019): "Men are more disadvantaged than women in the UK, US and most of Europe, scientists claim." Metro, 4 Jan 2019.




Peter Douglas Zohrab

Latest Update

10 January 2021