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The Epidemic of Political Stupidity in NaZealand

Peter Zohrab 2020

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Countries where a large proportion of the inhabitants have lost their ancestors' traditional religious beliefs have not necessarily become more rational. Religions have presumably been important to individuals and societies in many ways, all over the World and for a very long time. So the aspects of human nature that made religious belief so widespread can probably not disappear from people's minds in a short time. Atheists may think that they are more rational than religious believers, whereas they may have actually just transferred their religious belief to a secular equivalent, such as Feminism, Political Correctness or Marxism.

Consider the following:

  • In an incident on a NaZealand (New Zealand) train, which led me to be falsely convicted of two minor crimes, the man seated behind me said, "Don't argue with a woman," or some words to that effect. Note that that was not "Don't hit a woman," which is the discriminatory, sexist slogan underlying the White Ribbon Campaign, the US Violence Against Woman Act and the New Zealand Crime "Assaulting a Female". This man, who I had previously seen behaving subserviently towards a group of women on a station platform, thought it was bad even to argue with a woman!

  • Radio New Zealand's Concert Programme encourages /encouraged listeners to communicate with presenters by text. One day, I happened to have been spat at by two Maoris in two separate incidents on the same day. I mentioned this fact in a text to Nick Tipping, a Concert Programme presenter. (I had previously -- many years ago -- been spat at by a Maori neighbour. He was trying to force me to pay half the cost of a fence that he had previously agreed to pay the full cost of, before he removed a hedge. So spitting must be a Maori cultural tradition, like the haka). Tipping replied as follows: "My name is Nick Tipping, and I don't stand for that kind of racist comment." Tipping, apart from being grossly racist, is intensely stupid, because there is no conceivable definition of "racist", according to which what I said was racist. Just as the man on the train operated under the slogan, "Never disagree with a woman," Tipping obviously operates under the maxim, "Never say anything bad about Maoris!"

  • In the court case which followed the incident on a NaZealand (New Zealand) train (mentioned above), my lawyer told me not to mention in Court the fact that the woman who might have been the leader of the group of women on the train was a "Butch Lesbian", as I had described her to him. This Butch Lesbian was the centre of attention of a circle of women on a train platform, she glared at me as I got onto the train, but she apparently did not board the train herself. My lawyer did not tell me why I shouldn't describe her as a Butch Lesbian, but I suspected that the reason was that the judge was a part-time university lecturer and such people probably think that you are not allowed to mention Lesbians, unless you are praising them in some way. However, I have found Lesbians to be prominent in the lying, anti-male Domestic Violence industry.

The above three incidents constitute prima facie evidence that there are people running around loose in New Zealand who think that you are not allowed to say anything bad about Lesbians or Maoris and that you are not allowed to disagree with women (if you are male)!


Note: See the article New Zealand, the Nazi Germany of the South Pacific for the reasons why I call New Zealand "NaZealand."


See also:


-- Hamill, Jasper (2019): "Men are more disadvantaged than women in the UK, US and most of Europe, scientists claim." Metro, 4 Jan 2019.




Peter Douglas Zohrab

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22 November 2020