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One popular American talk-back host, Rush Limbaugh, uses the term "Feminazi". I thought I had invented this term myself, when I used it in a lecture at a conference on "Language and Society" at Victoria University of Wellington, New Zealand, in May 1990. I had also previously used the term in a broadsheet I had circulated among members of the Equal Parental Rights Association, in Lower Hutt, New Zealand. I don't know if the American usage originated with me, or arose independently.

Whoever invented it, it may seem exaggeratedly polemical to compare Feminists with Nazis. The reason for doing so is to point out the vicious intolerance of many Feminists in their use of their journalistic power to censor opinions, their student and workplace power to harass fellow-students, colleagues and customers, and their managerial power to hire and fire -- and in the way they have brainwashed people into being unable to contemplate a non-Feminist view on many issues.

In New Zealand, we learned in a documentary broadcast on 6 February 2003 that "much-loved" (Feminist) TV presenter, the late Angela D'Audney, used to bully editors to alter the news items that she would be reading -- and in this she had the backing of Management. Presenters, I must point out, are not chosen for their brains or their impartiality, but for the quality of their appearance and voices -- mannish, in Angela's case! (Her mother, with whom she had a very close relationship, was an American Jewess -- shades of Betty Friedan [authoress of "The Feminine Mystique"]. Betty Friedan was also a Marxist -- the polarisation between the Matrilineal Jews and the Patriarchal Catholics is visible along many dimensions !) Angela D'Audney was probably an important factor in making Television New Zealand the Feminazi oppressor of men that it has long been, and still is today -- albeit in more subtle ways than it used to be.



"...the incubus of feminist casuistry demands that all men must be thought to be identical. At the heart of the incubus, as in the heart of all forms of totalitarian prejudice, is the insistence that they are all the same -- Jews, Muslims, blacks, Scots -- and men. For all its decorations of scholarship, its titles, its fellowships and its study centres, the philosophical drive of modern feminism comes down to a barbarous and totalitarian simplicity: men are all the same and, in their very masculinity, they share an inherent evil." (Neil Lyndon (1992): "No More Sex War: The Failures of Feminism." London:Sinclair-Stevenson. Page 39)

"JANE FONDA:`I still believe that women are the superior sex.' This line came from a profile of Fonda published by the colour magazine of the Los Angeles Times in the autumn of 1989." (Lyndon, op.cit. page 40)



The above quotations show the similarity in the thinking of Feminazis and Nazis proper. Frank Zepezauer, in his column in "The Liberator" newspaper of March 1994, listed many points of similarity between Feminazis and Nazis. I won't mention all of the similarities that Zepezauer lists. One that is especially worth mentioning, however, is blood guilt. Just as the Nazis thought that any Jew was guilty just because he was a Jew -- so

"A young man innocent of the 'sexism' of his fathers is guilty because he is a man, a born misogynist and rapist whose dangerous propensities must be vigilantly monitored and controlled." (ibid, page 20)

Another similarity is that the Nazis thought that certain categories of people (homosexuals and the physically and intellectually handicapped) were unworthy of life. Most Feminists believe that all unborn children who are unwanted by their mothers are unworthy of life.

The final heading in Zepezauer's list of similarities is "Holocaust II". These are his concluding remarks under this heading:

"At the last count, which ended about 1960, the victims of the Nazi Holocaust numbered about eight million of whom six million were Jews.

So far, since the inception of legalized abortion, about thirty million unborn children have been sacrificed to maternal choice. And we are still counting." (ibid, page 21)


Men as Non-People

Apart from Abortion, other manifestations of Feminazism may be found in the callous disregard for male health that is shown by female Health Ministers (such as New Zealand's Annette King) and by female health bureaucrats, in the suspension of the Rule of Law that is involved in closed Family Courts, in ex-parte Domestic Violence Protection Orders, and in the assumption in some jurisdictions that a rape complainant is automatically a "victim" -- i.e. that she is necessarily telling the truth, by virtue of being a female -- and in the fact that women acquired the vote without acquiring a liability for conscription.


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