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Jordan Peterson on MGTOW (Men Going Their Own Way)

Peter Zohrab 2018

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Stephen Baskerville has recently drawn my attention to Jordan Peterson's views on the MGTOW movement. Both Jordan Peterson and the MGTOW movement are important in relation to Masculism and Feminism, so I would like to contribute my own comments here, based on the video compilation of snippets of interviews with Jordan Peterson to be found here.



At one point, Jordan Peterson says (about members of the MGTOW movement):

What's happened is that the female has been manifested in their life only as the negative archetype and they've got that confused with all women.

He was lecturing to a class (presumably about Psychology) and "archetype" is a psychological term deriving from Carl Jung. I am not interested in Jung's theories, particularly, but I would like to defend the MGTOW position on women, although I am not a member of MGTOW myself. In Western societies, there is less difference between one individual woman and "all women" than you might think. This is because women are armed with an ideology which calls them oppressed and motivates many of them to fight men together. The moronic police-lawyer-judge-politician (PLJP) conglomerate is also little more than a tool of the Women's Movement.

When I was a teacher at The Correspondence School, I was known to be a Men's Rights Advocate, although I never discussed such issues there during working hours, as far as I can recall. I attracted some hostility from some females. One Feminist, Sue Sutherland, once warned me that women would defeat me because they were organised. In other words, I might be bright, I might have researched the issues, and I might tell the truth -- but women were organised! Contrast this with what one man said to me, as I gave him a lift to his home (after some function or other): "Men don't join that sort of group," he said -- obviously referring to Men's Rights groups. I had not been discussing Men's Rights with him, but he felt it necessary to enlighten me with this bit of "wisdom", because he obviously thought I was wasting my time!

So, many women in Western countries are plugged into a support network of other women and moronic supportive males, such as the police-lawyer-judge-politician conglomerate. Therefore, if a man in a Western country is in a relationship with a woman, she is -- or can at any time become -- plugged into a network which can gang up on the man at any time that that woman feels like telling the network something about him that she or the network doesn't like. Therefore it is perfectly rational for a MGTOW man to decide to have no (or no more) relationships with women. Not only does that send a strong signal to women that there is a real problem here, but a pool of unattached MGTOW men is probably a precondition for the overthrow of the anti-male police-lawyer-judge-politician conglomerate.

So Jordan Peterson is wrong to emphasise that:

Some females will do that to some guys some of the time,

although that is true. The MGTOW point is that each man has to do a cost-benefit analysis of having a relationship with a woman and the fact is that he might end up as one of the victims of the Feminist network, although he might not.


"Pathetic Weasels"

Later, Peterson says (again about members of the MGTOW movement):

It's like you're a pathetic weasel.

In the second and later snippets of this video compilation, he apologises for calling them "pathetic weasels" and he explains why he called them "pathetic weasels":

They have what I would regard as an undue influence over relatively bitter and resentful young men who haven't had great success in the dating market and are looking for a rationale to write off all women because they're so hurt by their continual rejection. And that is not good for those young men. And so the reason that I disparaged the Men Going Their Own Way was that I had seen the pernicious effect (These are often older guys) of their world-weary philosophy on young men. Now these guys think that they're just warning them -- and they are warning them -- but they're not just warning them. Now the reason I regret calling them "pathetic weasels" is because they also have a point. I do believe that the court systems are staggeringly anti-male -- absurdly, horribly anti-male.

So the situation here is that Jordan Peterson and MGTOW are rivals who are wooing the same prospective clients or recruits. Jordan Peterson would like to have them as professional clients and solve their problems individually, using clinical psychological methods, whereas MGTOW would like to have them as members of a their movement -- albeit a movement which seems to have no clear political goals, tactics or strategy!

Educational and Employment issues are also relevant. Jordan Peterson himself is a star with a high-status couple of jobs (professor and clinical psychologist). That makes him a high-value male commodity in the marriage/relationship market. However, the "relatively bitter and resentful young men who haven't had great success in the dating market " who he refers to may be suffering the effects of the fact that women tend to prefer to marry up (in class), while, at the same time, Feminists have been doctoring and distorting the educational and employment markets to give women and girls an unfair advantage over men and boys -- resulting in an increase in the number of men who earn less money than the average women and are therefore finding it hard to attract women.

Jordan Peterson, MGTOW, the Fathers' Movement and the wider Men's Movement all agree that "the court systems are staggeringly anti-male -- absurdly, horribly anti-male," as Jordan Peterson puts it. Neither Jordan Peterson nor MGTOW have a solution to this problem, although it certainly helps to draw attention to it and other problems that men face, as Jordan Peterson is doing very successfully.


The cause of the problem is Feminism and the solution is to abolish Feminism. Feminism has put it into people's heads that women have been disadvantaged -- although no one has forced the Feminists to compare systematically women's disadvantages with men's disadvantages. Feminism is software that runs in many people's heads and these people dominate almost every aspect of life in Western (and some Eastern) countries. That, combined with chivalry, is why the courts are anti-male.

How Feminism can be abolished is another question, but MGTOW may be part of the answer.

Summary Haiku:

Men have no rights,
but aren't less human.
We blame sexism.


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