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Men Going Their Own Way (updated)

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Men Going Their Own Way (e.g. http://www.mgtow.com/about/) is a step forward.  It is a movement for men who realise that there is a problem  -- however, they don't know what it is and they either don't know how to solve it or don't want to. 

Men Going Their Own Way (MGTOW) is a step forward, because at least these men know that there is a problem.  Eventually, they will see that they have to analyse it and solve it -- not just stick their heads in the sand!

The essential stupidity of this movement lies in its notion that men can and should preserve and protect their own sovereignty at the individual level, without being political or considering the anti-male laws that impinge on their lives.  It is good that this aim implicitly recognises the Matriarchy that rules us, however.

Unless MGTOW explicitly endorses Anarchism (no government) or Libertarianism (small government), it is sheer stupidity for it to ignore the power that the Matriarchy's laws have over men.  What if we have a war tomorrow, and the Matriarchy -- in the name of Feminist Equality -- orders all men (but no women) between the ages of 18 and 65 into the front line?  Where will "male soverreignty" be then?  And where is male sovereignty when a man has little or no contact with his child, but still has to pay child-support?  And what about the fact that he has no control over whether or not his wife aborts his unborn child? The examples of how the modern, Matriarchal law oppresses men are many and varied.

Most of the Men Going Their Own Way will eventually realise that this is stupid, and that they have to turn themselves into MPWOOTW -- Men Pushing Women Out Of The Way!

MGTOW plays into the hands of the Feminists. It marginalises men and concentrates political power into the hands of the Feminists. A MGTOW person recently posted on Facebook that "more misandric laws are being implemented" and praised himself for saving male lives. Well, good on him for saving lives, but, if you admit that more misandric laws are being implemented, then you are admitting that the situation is getting worse, that you are doing nothing about it, and that there will be even more male lives needing to be saved. If we refuse to fight the Feminists, men will become more and more enslaved!


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Peter Douglas Zohrab

Latest Update

19 July 2018