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Feminism is a Form of Chivalry

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The following statement was apparently made by a British woman to a British court in writing:

"New Zealand men (as opposed to British men) treat the sheep better than the women."

Of course, I could mention that it could be interpreted as meaning that NZ men treat the sheep better than the women treat the sheep (which might well be true).

More seriously, if someone is suggesting that NZ men shear their women, stun them, cut them up into pieces, store them in freezers, roast them and eat them, I must say that that is not the case -- possibly because the sheep have more wool and taste better ! However, the pre-European Maoris were cannibals, so maybe that is what the statement is referring to !

Of course, the statement (as is typical of statements emanating from Feminists) is not based on any facts whatsoever.



The statement shows that Feminism is a mere subcategory of chivalry: It is very chivalrous/sexist to worry about how men allegedly "treat" women, without worrying about how women treat men. For example, I could say:

"New Zealand women (as opposed to British women) treat their dyldos better than they treat their men."

The fact that no one ever thinks to consider how women treat men, together with the fact that I had to invent the word "misandry" (= man-hatred) because no one had ever thought it was a problem that needed a name, shows that Feminism was just tacked onto chivalry as a subcategory.

Religions such as Christianity incorporate elements of previous local beliefs when they convert a population -- because that decreases their resistance to being converted. Similarly, the Feminist "religion" (it is just as irrational as a religion) builds on male chivalry towards women, and builds on that tradition of worrying only about the welfare of women and children, and ignoring the welfare of men.

The statement that "Feminism is about equality" is just another Feminist lie.


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