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Summary Haiku:

Men have no rights,
but aren't less human.
We blame sexism.


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Abolish the Fascist Human Rights Commission!

Abstracts relating to Lesbian Domestic Violence


Chen/Palmer Doesn't Understand Human Rights!

Court Falls for Old Philosophical Trick

Dedicating My Next Book to Jacinda Ardern

Defining Feminism

Democracy and Feminism



Fake Personal Safety Statistics

Fascist Green-Party Lardball and the Bonobofication of the Human Species

Female Entitlement and Male Servitude

Female Promiscuity: Annotated Transcript of Bettina Arndt's video about Stefan Molyneux and Lauren Southern


Feminazi term "Appropriate"

Feminism, Brains and the Workplace

Feminism is about Equality. Yeah right.

Feminism is a Form of Chivalry

Feminism is the Product of Female Selfishness and Male Chivalry

Feminism’s clay feet exposed on British television

Feminist Conspirators and Agents Provocateurs

Feminist Hypocrisy

Feminist Jurisprudence Proves that a Woman's Place is in the Home

Feminist Mob Rule at Universities

Feminist Narcissism and Political Power

Feminist Power & Control, Watergate and President Trump's "Russia Connection"

Feminist Priestly Caste of "Experts"

Feminist Reasoning

Feminists Can't Think, but They Can Bully.

Feminist Violence

Gender Equity and Efstratiou v Glantschnig

Green MP Jan Logie Proves that Women's Suffrage Should Be Repealed

Happy Wife; Happy Life: Academic Patriarchs as both Victims and Perpetrators of Female Supremacism

Honey Trap and Selling Out

Hostile Sexist Feminist Psychologist Misinterprets Research to Attack Men

Human Rights Commission and the Outlawing of Feminism


If women could tell the difference between fact and fiction

Incompetence and Unprofessionalism of the American Psychological Association

Incompetence, Predetermination, Freedom of Expression, Conflict of Interest and Equality Before the Law

Incompetent Dr. Russel Norman

International Men's Suffering Day 19 September

Is Feminism wasted space in International Relations theory?

Justice Minister Judith Collins is Incompetent (at best)!

Legal Profession’s Scientific Incompetence


Lesbian Feminists

Letting Men Off the Feminists' Meat-Hooks

Los Angeles Times Propaganda about Brains

Low-Road to Disaster - Advocacy Research

Lying Female Witnesses

Male Politicians and Female Policies

Maori Men are the Main Victims of the Feminist Divide-and-Rule Strategy

Me Too Slutty: Why the "Me Too" Movement Proves that Women Should Lose the Right to Vote

Meghan go home! Duchess comes to New Zealand and tells lies.

Moronic Women at Oxford University

Move to Female Subjectivity as the Standard for Law and Policy

Multiculturalism and the Sex War

Non-Feminist Declaration


Okin on Gender and Multiculturalism

On being sane in an insane country

Personal is Political

Political Corruption of the Ombudsmen's Office

Prime Child Abuser Says "Do as I say!"

Real Parliamentary Parties

Remember Beyond Today ... Men Deserve some Credit, some Payback for Dangerous Service

Return of the Inquisition to Spain

Review of National Council of Women's charitable status

Revisionist History of Feminism

Review of "Sex, Lies & Feminism"

Rhetoric and Lies which Feminist "Academics" Use to Control Men

Sexist Dyke in Parliament

Sexist Liar, Polly Toynbee

Sex, Lies & Feminism

Socrates on Feminism

System is Rigged Against Donald Trump, because he is a Man!

Techniques Feminists Use to Rule the World -- 1. Hypocrisy

Tranz Metro railway Discrimination and Cultural Lesbianism

Transcript of: "Men In America" Episode 1, including interview with Canadian psychologist Jordan Peterson

Transcript of TV journalist Cathy Newmanís grilling of Canadian psychologist Jordan Peterson

TVNZ Enslaves Men

Two Sexist White Ribbon Bullies Bite the Dust!


Une nouvelle stratégie féministe

Unscientific Radical Feminist Insurgency in Police National Headquarters

Using Groupwork to Dominate Boys in Schools

Vice-President Biden Lies to Chinese Students.


What Female Politics Lecturers Do Instead of Thinking

Women deliberately tell lies in order to destroy "Patriarchy"






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12 March 2020