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If women could tell the difference between fact and fiction, and if men could tell the difference between their brains and their testicles, there would be no such thing as Feminism

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© Peter Zohrab 2006

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The main reasons why women should (arguably) not have the vote are the same ones that are put forward in order to argue that women should not fight in the front line in wartime:

In the case of front line fighting, women are arguably physically and emotionally incompetent, although I do not want to be diverted into making that argument in this article. In the case of voting and functioning outside the home in general, I refer you to other articles on this website, such as those linked to on the page: isstupid.html . A classic example, which illustrates a number of important themes, including the incompetence of women, the stupidity of men around women, and the corruption of the modern Western university, is: Feminist Jurisprudence Proves that a Woman's Place is in the Home .

In the case of front line fighting, it is often said that men will act protectively towards their female colleagues, to the detriment of their own and their unit's effectiveness in battle. In this short article, however, I want to concentrate on examples of male Feminist stupidity which have implications for the sufferings of men in the Family Court.

At 1530 PM GMT on 25 November 2006, BBC World TV broadcast a report by Fergal Keane on the Turkana nomads of Kenya -- see http://news.bbc.co.uk/2/hi/africa/6158738.stm . He was smitten by a beautiful solo mother there. He referred to her as a "Woman of Africa," which is a terrible cliché, evoking stereotypical victimhood. He described her (for no rational reason) as "one of the most remarkable people I have ever met", although all she appears to do is to bring up five children by herself and walk 6 km per day. The webpage (cited above) also says about her: "The word brave doesn't do justice to her." Again, there seems to be no rational reason for this description, as she is in no apparent danger at all. How would the BBC describe a male soldier who risked death every day? The answer is, of course, that they wouldn't waste their sympathy on a mere male!

This is the background against which we must judge Fergal Keane's statement that she had been driven out by her husband. No evidence is given for this statement. It is obvious that she just told him this and that he -- the well-paid BBC reporter that he is -- just believed it. I would bet a small fortune (if I had one) that he never bothered to interview the husband and ask him for his side of the story. She was a beautiful "Woman of Africa", after all!!

It is exactly this mindless inability of men to differentiate their brains from their testicles that makes Family Court proceeding such unequal battles. If the judge is a male, his testicles tell him that the woman is a victim. If the judge is a woman, her Feminism tells her that the woman is a victim.

I have other examples of this phenomenon, which is particularly marked in the case of Domestic Violence. For instance, a Men's Rights activist by the name of Craig Jackson once told me that a female friend of his had been a battered woman. I later went back to this topic, and reminded him that he had told me that she had been a battered woman. He interrupted me: "Definitely," he said. "Oh?" I said, surprised. "So you have spoken to the man involved about this?" "No," he said. And later I phoned the woman up and found that she was unwilling to describe herself as a battered woman, and -- moreover -- would not tell me how to contact him in order to get his side of the story!

When even Men's Rights activists simply believe a woman's say-so that they were the victim in a violent relationship, what hope is there for objectivity from judges, lawyers, police, or the public at large? (See also: Schapelle Corby and the Family Court.)

Articles such as Are Women just Dumb, After All ? raise the question of whether women are fundamentally capable of distinguishing fact from fiction. Not only is literature a female-dominated area which is fundamentally antagonistic to logical thinking, but the New Zealand Maori fictional work Once Were Warriors seems to have influenced Maori women, in particular, to believe in their automatic victim-status in Domestic Violence situations. Western men are too worried about their masculinity and their sex-lives to confront Feminism, unless they are already separated or divorced -- in which case they have less to lose by doing so. In New Zealand, at least, Feminism has more or less conquered Christianity and it is now the State Religion.




Peter Douglas Zohrab

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25 July 2015