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Are Women just Dumb, After All ?

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Brain Question

Stupidity of Feminist Lies





The handful of us who have the gumption and the guts in Western societies actually to review critically what our Feminists gurus preach -- these few of us are bound to wonder if mere bias and totalitarian arrogance are enough to explain how much of Feminist propaganda is sheer nonsense. Maybe it's really just that women -- or maybe only Feminist women -- are stupid, after all !

Not only that, but we need to ask whether men's and women's brains and minds are functionally on a par -- and whether any male researcher would dare to publish a finding that women's brains or minds were inferior, in today's Orwellian universities.


The Brain Question

I have been thinking of writing about men's and women's mental capacities for some time, for the following reasons:

  1. As stated above, a lot of Feminist arguments (see details below) are just plain stupid.

  2. Feminists have changed Western educational systems to such an extent that boys are now doing worse than girls academically, and sometimes it is implied that this is because boys are inherently less intelligent than girls.

  3. There is a commonly heard statement that girls mature earlier than boys do.

  4. My chance hearing of an interview (on Radio New Zealand's Kim Hill show) that mentioned the relative sizes of men's and women's brains.

My most recent spur to writing about this topic was seeing a short article (about women having greater cell-density in one part of the brain) in Wellington's "Dominion" newspaper (November 14th 2001), with the headline "Women beat men in brain cell count." Since most of the New Zealand media, most of the time, are just Feminist propaganda outlets, I knew I would have to research the origin of this story to discover the truth.

Sure enough, this headline turned out to be contradicted by the facts. On the BBC News website (http://news.bbc.co.uk/hi/english/health/newsid_1653000/1653687.stm ) there was a longer article: "Women have more brain cells," dated Tuesday, 13 November, 2001. Unlike the Dominion's article, this page makes it clear that women have greater brain-cell density only because their brains are smaller than men's brains, so a greater cell-density would be the only way that they could end up with something approaching the same number of brain cells as men have ! So both the Dominion's and the BBC's feminist headlines trumpeted a lie: women were not actually reported as having more brain cells over-all, or in any region of the brain ! So the journalists who approved those two headlines were also "dense" -- or deliberately lying.

In fact, the BBC article quotes the female author of the research as saying that this greater density "might account for the fact that women are ten times more likely to develop some psychiatric conditions such as panic attacks and anxiety disorders."

Another psychiatrist was quoted as saying that "there is no difference in the mental performance of men and women," but I am skeptical as to whether Feminist intimidation of academics in Western universities allows this issue to be researched objectively. See: http://www.eugenics.net/papers/rushton.html

Working backwards to my 4th reason for discussing this topic, I was fascinated by the different attitudes of Feminist Kim Hill (she is actually a very intelligent Feminist, in my opinion) and the female scientist that she was interviewing. The topic of the sizes of men's and women's brains came up, and the scientist mentioned that this could not just be related to the fact that men's bodies are usually larger than women's bodies. That was because big men did not, on average, have bigger brains than small men, and big women did not -- on average -- have bigger brains than small women. Kim Hill wanted to pursue the implications of this, despite the fact that this might lead to un-Feminist conclusions, but it was the female scientist who wanted to drop the issue ! If I didn't already have masses of evidence of the Leftist bias of our universities, I would have been deeply shocked at her attitude.

You will recall that my 3rd reason for discussing this topic was the issue of girls maturing earlier than boys do. I am not going to argue with that idea -- just with the way it is interpreted. Teachers, being mostly female, interpret that early maturation as a positive, resulting in girls being better behaved in class than boys, and perhaps in their studying harder than boys do.

But, surely, don't people say that the fact that humans have a longer period of immaturity, compared to other animals, allows us to learn more and develop more complex abilities and social organisations ? Maybe, if boys both mature later than girls and end up having bigger brains than their female counterparts, they are actually "brainier" ? And would any female scientist ever admit this, or any male scientist dare to say it -- if it was in fact true ?

If girls mature earlier than boys, they must lose this brain adaptability earlier than boys, which means that boys are bound to learn more -- whether what they learn more of is classroom-related is another issue entirely. Turning to my second point (above), since the Feminist, female-dominated teaching profession has moved away from competition, individual work, examinations and corporal punishment towards group-work and continuous assessment, it may be that boys will increasingly be forced to do their most important learning outside the classroom, which has become feminised territory. Since schools are hostile to boys, boys have been made to appear educationally inferior to girls, whereas the reverse may be the actual biological state of affairs. See iseducat.html

Although IQ tests apparently show that boys/men and girls/women have about the same IQ, on average, the IQ test itself is an artificial creation by academics. The various versions of the IQ test are compilations of questions designed to test certain supposed types of abilities, and the results of the scores on these various ability-tests are combined to produce an IQ. The "invention" of these various "abilities" is an arbitrary act, and so is the decision to include or not include particular questions to test for these abilities. Given that racial activists have in the past claimed that IQ tests are culturally biased, and that supposedly unbiased tests have been devised, how can we tell if IQ tests are fair to boys and men ?

The later maturation of boys than girls and men's larger brains both imply that boys and men are intellectually more capable than girls and women -- yet IQ tests do not show this to be the case. Given the "liberal" (i.e. totalitarian Leftist) bias of Western universities, we have to suspect the possibility of deliberate Feminist tampering with IQ tests to produce a result that is more in accord with Feminist theory than with "mere" reality.


The Stupidity of Feminist Lies

As we saw above, both the BBC and the Dominion (and no doubt lots of other media around the World) used a pro-women lie as a headline over an article that contradicted the headline. This happens almost routinely in Western Feminist societies, and the question arises whether the Feminist journalists involved are liars or just plain stupid.

Consider the following:




I have not proved the case that women are dumb. This would require lengthy research, and the conditions for such research would be hard to find in Western academia. Even the ludicrous examples (above) of Feminist lies/stupidities could be explained as mere wishful thinking in a totalitarian-Feminist intellectual climate where the media and educational systems do not give Men's Rights activists the right of reply to ludicrous Feminist assertions.

In addition, one could sensibly ask why men have gone along with all these stupidities, or lies. Are men just as stupid as women ? Certainly, it would be foolish to deny that lots of men are stupid, but I think the main factor here is the wimpishness of the Western male in the face of a lying or stupid Feminist. The jury is still out on the question that this article raises.


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