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The Non-Wage-Gap

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1. The Wage-Gap

CONSAD Research Corporation (2009) An Analysis of Reasons for the Disparity in Wages Between Men and Women concludes as follows:

Economic research has identified many factors that account for portions of the gender wage gap.  Some of the factors are consequences of differences in decisions made by women and men in balancing their work, personal, and family lives.  These factors include their human capital development, their work experience, the occupations and industries in which they work, and interruptions in their careers  (page 35).

However, sufficient data is not available to quantify some of these factors:

... quantitative estimates of other factors, such as work experience and career interruptions, can most readily be obtained using data that describe the behavior of individual workers over extended time periods.  The longitudinal data bases that contain such information include too few workers, however, to support adequate analysis of factors like occupation and industry (page 35).

Another problem is that the estimates of the effects of all the factors comes to a total greater than 100% (of the raw wage gap), which means that the factors are not all independent of each other.  These two difficulties mean that the above report finds it impossible to be precise about how much of the raw wage gap is accounted for by each of the identified factors, or by the totality of these factors.


2. The Non-Wage-Gap

Another factor -- not mentioned by the above report, and probably ignored in the rest of the relevant literature as well -- is the difference in men's and women's objective abilities.  Where men's and women's different physical abilities are relevant (e.g. in the armed forces, the police and the fire service) lower standards tend to be set for female entrants, so that male applicants who can achieve at only the female standard, but not at the higher, male standard, are discriminated against, by being denied entry.

However, one should also consider men's and women's different mental abilities.  See the following article, which states that "men tend to modulate their reaction to stimuli, and engage in analysis and association, whereas women tend to draw more on primary emotional reference." Hall, Geoffrey B. C.; Witelson, Sandra F.; Szechtman, Henry; Nahmias, Claude, Sex differences in functional activation patterns revealed by increased emotion processing demands. Neuroreport: 9 February 2004 - Volume 15 - Issue 2 - pp 219-223.  If female applicants for particular jobs appear insufficiently rational, it is understandable if they fail to be hired.

There is also the issue of brain size.  The Western Establishment pushes the line that men's brains are bigger than women's, but that this (mysteriously) does not mean that men are for that reason better at anything than women are.  However, on the page How Male and Female Brains Differ, Professor David Geary states that "If there's more area dedicated to a set of skills, it follows that the skills will be more refined". He is talking about female superiority in language skills. Later on in the same article, it is asserted that the male brain is 10% bigger than the female brain, "But bigger doesn't necessarily mean smarter."  There you have a clear contradiction: when you're talking about female superiority, size matters, but when you're talking about male superiority, size does not matter!  That is the result of female dominance in Western culture: men are not allowed to be described as better than women, because of the power of Feminism!  Nevertheless, there is a clear possibility that the average woman is 10% less able than the average male at employment-related tasks, resulting in a totally appropriate wage-gap between men and women which is not the result of discrimination, but of objective differences in ability.


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