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Further to the Pay Equity Working Group

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(Open Letter to the Minister of State Services and Minister of Workplace Relations and Safety)

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Dear Paula Bennett and Michael Woodhouse,


Further to my letter of 12 January 2016 on the Pay Equity Working Group, I am writing to make two additional points, both of which relate to trade union and Feminist hypocrisy.

1. When I was a member of the Post Primary Teachers’ Association, which is the secondary teachers’ union, as you know, I had a colleague called Marion Findlay. She was active in union matters, and her husband, Ken, was prominent in the Meatworkers’ Union.

I mention these people, because Marion once expressed to me the opinion that male workers were much more likely than female workers to take industrial action. The obvious implication was that male-dominated industries were likely to be better paid than female-dominated ones, as a result of their relative ability to achieve wage increases through industrial action.

The consequences for so-called “Pay Equity” are that it would be inequitable for Parliament to reward female workers for their relative lack of effort and self-sacrifice in the area of industrial bargaining, and the New Zealand unions must be aware of this fact.

2. Female applicants are able to enter the New Zealand Police without needing to attain the same physical standards as male applicants. This is inequitable, because it discriminates against male applicants. Some arguments, such as a claimed need for “diversity”, may be made in favour of this discrimination, but non-discrimination is a Human Right under New Zealand and international law, whereas diversity is not.

I am not aware that New Zealand unions have taken up the cause of males who have been discriminated against in this inequitable way by the New Zealand Police.

Yours sincerely,

Peter D. Zohrab


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Peter Douglas Zohrab

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