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Sports Apartheid Matters !

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(Open Letter to New Zealand Sports Broadcaster, Keith Quinn)

Dear Mr. Quinn,

I am not picking on you -- I have been meaning to write about this for a long time, and you have just given me an opportunity to do that.

On 29 August 2004, reporting the Olympic Games, you referred to some British woman who had won two gold medals as:

"The Peter Snell of the Athens Olympics".

I find that highly offensive to Peter Snell, to all men, and to myself, who am constantly pushing a tank uphill (so to speak) in the cause of equality for men.

I realise that, working for the media, you are a mere slave of the Feminists, but when did you forget that there are double standards in the Olympics ? When did you forget:

I call on you to apologise to Peter Snell, to all men, and to myself, and to issue a statement calling for Special Olympians, Para-Olympians and other such categories to replace women at the Olympics, in rotation, and encouraging the Women's Olympics to be abolished, in favour of an open competition on a level playing field !



Some chivalrous men have said to me that New Zealand men would never be in favour of sexual equality in sports. Why not -- why should women get so-called "equality" only when it suits them, and never when it suits men ? Feminism claims to be against chivalry, remember ? I know that women lie all the time, but haven't you got the guts to call them to account for it ?

There are serious consequences for this gutless, wimpish and chivalrous attitude, because it becomes a habit. Since women are allowed double standards in sports, they are allowed into the Police force at lower physical standards than men. This robs men of jobs, produces physically incompetent female police officers who can't restrain aggressive members of the public, and endangers these females' male collegaues, because they have to cover for this female physical incompetence, as well as do their own job -- on EQUAL PAY!!

This double standard produces a mentality in the Police, where women are treated with kid gloves (e.g. in Domestic Violence situations) and men are treated as the automatic enemy. See the following webpages:


Now that the man-haters have imposed self-defined "equality" upon men in so many areas of life, only a complete idiot or a complete wimp couldn't see the need to return the compliment !


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Peter Douglas Zohrab

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