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Women are Innocent (by definition)

©Tom Miller& Peter Zohrab 2004

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This is an edited compilation of three emails on the war on men being waged by Amnesty International and other Feminists.

Peter Zohrab (New Zealand):
Here is one example of Amnesty International's lies about Domestic Violence:


It clearly implies that domestic violence is just something that men do to
women, and treats it as a human rights issue. The real human rights issue
is that men's suffering from physical and psychological abuse by women is
ignored by Feminists, Amnesty International, the Police and the Law
Faculties of most universities. That is partly why I am now a Law student.

You will note from the above web page that murder by a woman of her husband
is treated as a RESULT of domestic violence by him -- whereas murders by men
of their wives are treated by Feminists as EXAMPLES of domestic violence.

In other words, every situation is interpreted in such a way as to fit the
male-perpetrator+female-victim model -- irrespective of the facts. Men are
not socially or legally encouraged to complain about their wives, so their
suffering goes unheard.

On top of that, men are brainwashed by Anger Management courses to see
themselves as the cause of all problems, because of their so-called desire
to dominate women. In fact, this Feminist propaganda, with the support of
the legal system, is a way for women to dominate men.

Go to isdv.html for more information on this topic.


Tom Miller (USA):

You got all that right about their double standards, but you left out one of my favorites. You pointed out that Amnesty International and gender-hostile feminists teach men in anger management that it's all their fault, but you left out the part about it being law and requirement for victim advocates to teach/tell women that it's NEVER their fault they were abused, even though the abuse is mutual half the time.

They quote to women the victim advocates' motto: "There's no excuse for abuse!" (referring to abusive men only) while telling battered men that they must have surely done something to her to deserve it. What happened to "There's no excuse for abuse!" when it comes to abusive women??? They just don't get the contradiction they immerse themselves in by having this quote only apply in favor of women. Of course you can't have a ridiculous policy like this for only one side or the other, nor can it work for both sides at the same time.

Victim (women) advocates have it in writing/policy that they must believe a woman without question. Why? Well, how would it feel to be a victim and not be believed? (Yet over 80% of women making abuse allegations connected with DIVORCE cases are making false allegations) So, if there is to be no double standard then shouldn't we also believe men unconditionally? What a mess that would be also.

The local newspaper also printed this policy adopted by CAPSA (Citizens Abuse Prevention Services Agency - the name of our local women's shelter and victim advocate hub) that they always will believe and support women's accounts of abuse. This policy is also adopted by other victim advocates, family and child protective services, police, county attorney, etc. After all, "How would it feel to be a victim and not be believed or even listened to?" They'd be abused twice, right? At least REAL victims would be. Male victims of domestic violence ARE abused twice, in this very way. These men often remark, "The second beating is the worst." (The beating by victim advocates.) This takes us back to the days of second class citizens, slavery and even lower. What do they have against equality and stopping abuse for everyone? The children get the worst of this crazy, backward, violent system: agencies resembling a case of mass Borderline Personality Disorder - unstable, volatile, violent, actors, impossible to please, chaotic, contradictory, bass-ackwards...

VAWA (Violence Against Women Act) gave billions of dollars for distribution to victim advocate programs for women only. Our local subscriber is the CAPSA Women's Shelter which now goes by the name of CAPSA "Family" Violence Shelter since being challenged for only helping women. But they now occasionally help a token male victim. To get a protective or restraining order you have to go through CAPSA. They routinely turn men away because "men are not victims" and besides "these men are just trying to obtain protective orders to abuse, harass and control women even further." VAWA feminist indoctrination includes the "fact" that women NEVER lie when reporting abuse.

Part of the requirement for getting VAWA funds is to not question women's accounts of abuse. The reporting women must be told that it is never the woman's fault that they were abused, no matter what, even if they attacked the man or held a knife or gun on him or have a history of beating and otherwise abusing him, and then he FINALLY strikes back, even mildly... "Funny" thing is that these same "people" always question the male victims in an accusing manner, asking him what he did to provoke the woman to hit, attack or abuse him otherwise. He must have done something terribly wrong or she just wouldn't "defend" herself like that.

Also, yesterday I went next door to A&W fast-food restaurant for a hamburger to go. Two of our very own finest local Smithfield City (population 8000) policemen were in line behind me. I asked them who among them responds to DV (domestic violence) calls. The spokesman of the two said that they are all trained, so whoever is on duty can and will respond. I asked if they were familiar with the women's false abuse allegation epidemic here in our valley and around the globe. They acted almost puzzled. I mentioned the recent case of Anthony Migliori from Hyrum, a neighboring town, who was lucky enough to be acquitted of false charges in court by his wife and daughter for child molestation and raping his wife. This case was shown in court to be classic, severe, textbook parental alienation dripping with false allegations and brainwashing (severe abuse) by mother and CAPSA. Due to unshakable evidence the 4 man, 4 woman jury unanimously acquitted him of the charges, absolving him of a potential life sentence. Was justice served? Before answering that, consider that CAPSA still supports the liars and is still hostile toward the real victim, a man. The county attorney refuses to press charges against the real abusers/liars (women and victim advocates) and the judge refuses to asses perjury charges despite the extensive abuse Mr. Migliori was put through, or that he spent over $50,000 defending himself with an accompanying great expense of time, energy and emotion. Justice? I then pointed out to the policemen that even though CAPSA wholeheartedly backed the woman's and daughter's false allegations as usual, the daughter of course was really another victim of her mother and CAPSA also, who will go free because it doesn't cost to take a shot at men; they're just slaves anyway. Mr. Migliori's daughter has suffered terrible turmoil and has been out of control and wild for her mother too. She has needed extensive help from counselors, who've unfortunately abused her additionally by validating the lies and solidifying her brainwashing.

I asked what percentage of DV here in Smithfield was committed by each sex. The spokesman said that CAPSA trains them, that well over 90% of DV is committed by men (97% according to police arrest records, meaning that: "Abuse of men by women and police is proof that men are bad, or - millions of Jewish Holocaust victims are proof that Jews are bad..." I responded that hundreds of studies confirm that this is not true at all, that DV goes both ways, and with younger couples, women are actually more often the perpetrators, also inflicting most of the DV injuries that need medical attention, which is shown in extensive numbers of studies which are suppressed and reversed by abusive women's groups/advocates. The policeman commented that they do get a lot of disagreement between the parties involved in DV as to who is doing the abusing. I told him that studies show that in half of the DV cases the violence is going both ways and that in about a quarter of the cases it's the man, and in the remaining quarter the woman is the exclusive abuser/perpetrator. I asked how they handle it when the man and woman don't agree on who is doing the abusing. He said they just send it to CAPSA and the judge and let THEM work it out. (?!!!)

This on-the-spot interview confirms at least 6 points:

CAPSA is in control of all outcomes. CAPSA accomplishes this the same way abusive women win by using false abuse allegations. They use emotional facts and emotional reasoning (translated: propaganda and lies presented with intense emotion and distress to convince officials and public that they should support a justified agenda to abusively punish and control the falsely accused.

Police are hostile against men because of CAPSA/feminist propaganda. Police are naive, sympathetic to "women who cry wolf" and willing to attack men because of lies told about them - "just to be safe" in supporting the "victims."

CAPSA, and agencies with the same agenda (defenders of the abused), have seemingly undentable CREDIBILITY to the public and media despite their clearly demonstrated lies, abuse and support of liars and female abusers.

Despite the fact that police are constantly being told by so many men that the wife is the one abusing them, police ignore this and turn the matter over to even worse abusers than their wives (CAPSA, judges and fellow travelers).

CAPSA is just like any other feminist women's shelter and women's support network anywhere around the globe. The worst abusers are from victim advocate agencies - institutionalized abuse - the ultimate abusers and predators.

Negative, abusive propaganda against men is firmly entrenched within government and society.

Of course CAPSA trains the judges, teachers, clergy and others also, that men bad and are perpetrators while women are good and are victims. So, CAPSA in effect (as we've known all along) gets to judge and convict whom they deem to be guilty (men of course) and they influence and control the judge (the tail wagging the dog). Wow, that's nice! Training by the foxes on how the farmer must send the chickens to foxes for help or for discipline. "Bad chickens! You must have done something very wrong for the foxes to have been so very upset as to try to eat you. You must be sacrificed to the foxes for being so very, very bad!"


Comment by Peter Zohrab:

This is the kind of society that millions of men died for in a war against Nazi Germany. Is this an improvement over Nazism ?



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