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Feminists use Human Rights Institution to Oppress Men

Peter Zohrab 2019

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(Open Letter to The United Nations Secretary-General)


Dear Mr. Guterres,


United Nations Necolonialist Oppression of Samoan Men


UN Women and the United Nations Development Programme (UNDP) have supported a grotesquely moronic and Fascist document called the "Report on the National Public Inquiry into Family Violence in Samoa". I have recently written to you about the Convention on the Elimination of all Forms of Discrimination Against Women (CEDAW), saying, inter alia, that it "makes discriminatory, unsubstantiated, one-sided claims and entitles an undemocratic bureaucracy of women -- in effect -- to prosecute and judge men all over the World as being guilty of civil and criminal wrongs against women, without men having an equivalent bureaucracy to defend them against this hostile propaganda." The Samoan report in question is yet another instance of the same phenomenon and is yet another argument for abolishing the United Nations.

I refer you also to my Open Letter to the Secretary of the United Nations Special Political and Decolonisation Committee (4th Committee), in which I made, inter alia, the following points:


The grotesquely moronic and Fascist nature of this Samoan report can be quite quickly demonstrated by making the following points:

  1. Family violence is professionally studied by Psychologists, such as Professor Fiebert, whose list of research on family violence I have referred to above;

  2. The five authors of the report (Inquiry Commissioners) comprise one male ex-diplomat (Maiava Iulai Toma,), one male politician (Hon. Tolofuaivalelei Falemoe Leiataua), one female academic in the field of Pacific Studies (Tagaloatele Professor Peggy Dunlop), one male historian (Leasiolagi Professor Malama Meleisea) and one female village representative (Falenaoti Mulitalo June Kolotita Ailuai Oloiali’i)! There appears to be no sign of relevant expertise amongst these authors;

  3. These unqualified and apparently incompetent authors had the arrogance to draw conclusions and make recommendations on the basis of "evidence" which consisted of "research", "consultations", "hearings/forums" and "written submissions" -- most of which must obviously have come from equally or even more unqualified and incompetent people (see section 3.4 "Methodology" on page 44)!

  4. A list of the documents consulted appears as Appendix G, where one can see that only one single academic article was consulted -- and that was an article on Theology!

  5. The Foreword states that the authors of this report approached the Inquiry with an open mind. However, they are liars, because they have adopted wholesale the Power and Control (Duluth) model of Domestic Violence, which was dreamed up in Minnesota, USA -- certainly not in Samoa (see section 5).

  6. The report deliberately chose to ignore family violence towards men (see section 3.1, on page 43), which is grossly discriminatory and oppressive.


A lot of more detailed criticisms could be made of this vicious and cruel document, but I think that the above comments suffice.


Yours sincerely,


Peter Zohrab


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Hamill, Jasper (2019): "Men are more disadvantaged than women in the UK, US and most of Europe, scientists claim." Metro, 4 Jan 2019.




Peter Douglas Zohrab

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