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Jan Logie: Man-Hating as a Religion

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Annotated Partial Transcript of Interview of Green MP and Undersecretary for Justice Jan Logie on Newshub Nation 1 September 2018

(The parts of the interview which have no bearing on Men's Rights have been omitted and I have highlighted certain parts in red and made comments in green.)


  1. Finn Hogan: (From about 1:51 minutes into the interview) Well, to move on to audience questions, now, we’ve got one in here from Cassidy Williams. It’s a two-parter and so her question is: “Jan, regarding the review of the Family Court system, (a) why are there no users of the Family Court in the review line-up and (2) Why are the recommendations from the UN that a Royal Commission of Inquiry should be done instead of just a review, why is that being ignored?”

  2. Jan Logie: Ah, great, great question! On the Family Court there is a huge amount of concern that we’re hearing from the community and we’ve had reports coming out for a few decades now telling us that there’s a bit of a mismatch between the intention of the legislation to protect victims of domestic violence, including children, and what’s happening in practice and that’s really dangerous, when you’ve got a mismatch there. Um, so people’s lives are at stake. So we’ve been hearing this call for a proper investigation of the Family Court. The Minister for Justice has made the call that there should be a Review, because that’s quicker, and that he wants to get in there and get this sorted.

COMMENT: As you see, Jan Logie is pathologically vague and anti-democratic. She does not say who these "reports" are from, how many there are, where she advertised for people to give her reports, how she got these reports, whether she has had any contrary reports, etc.. In fact, these are just communications from her man-hating friends -- nothing more, nothing less. The Domestic Violence legislation did not have just one "intention". She does not say who has asked for "a proper investigation of the Family Court". It becomes clear that she wants to allow the Domestic Violence Act to be changed in multiple, unspecified ways.

  1. He’s appointed Ros Noonan who was a Human Rights Commissioner and her job is to take a Human Rights lens to this, and clearly that’s the safety of victims and children – particularly women and children – is critical around Human Rights, right? And that’s partly why the UN has told us we need to prioritise this. And on the support group is Ruth Bush, who wrote the first report back in the 80s, I think it was, telling us that there was a problem. So I’m monitoring this really carefully, staying in touch with the victims and their advocates, to make sure that we’re getting this right, because I know it’s too important not to.

COMMENT: Jan Logie is a Female Supremacist who does not have the slightest inkling of what Human Rights are about. Here she equates Human Rights with the safety of women and children (WRONG!) and she says that "victims" means "particularly women" (WRONG!). See: REFERENCES EXAMINING ASSAULTS BY WOMEN ON THEIR SPOUSES OR MALE PARTNERS: AN ANNOTATED BIBLIOGRAPHY by Professor Martin Fiebert. I have written about Ruth Bush HERE.

  1. Finn Hogan: How does it make you feel when there’s a comment from the UN saying things like, they’re worried that their current review will not look at the root causes of the systemic lack of trust and insensitivity to women victims and domestic violence victims that is apparently entrenched in the Family Court? How does it feel when you hear comments like that?

  2. Jan Logie: Well, I went to the UN for the hearing in Geneva and had five hours of grilling by the experts and it was … you know … it was pretty … um … what’s the right word? It took me aback just to see where we’d got to as a country reflected back through the eyes of people… um… from other places and we absolutely have work to do and I’m committed to making sure we get this right. I’ve also had people from the community saying to me that the Royal Commission… they don’t want to wait that long. That’s a lengthy process. They’re just concerned that we get in there and we do this well. So that’s….

COMMENT: Of course, compared to Jan Logie, almost anyone is an "expert". The United Nations Organisation does designate these CEDAW Committee people as "experts", but they are only "experts" on Women's Rights -- not on Human Rights or Domestic Violence.

  1. Finn Hogan: It’s a matter of urgency, then?

  2. Jan Logie: It is, really. It really is a matter of urgency. There are, you know… The decisions that the Family Court makes can profoundly impact on the safety of particularly women and kids in this country and we need to take that seriously.

  3. <SNIP>

  4. Finn Hogan: (at about 9:48 minutes) I’ve got another question in here that I was at first tempted to ignore, but I actually think it would be quite important to engage with and this comes in almost every time we get someone like yourself on. It’s from Paul, who says, “Why don’t you fight for Men’s Rights the way you fight for other genders? “ And I think, as a Feminist, I thought it would be quite important to engage with that idea.

  5. Jan Logie: Cool. Choice.

  6. Finn Hogan: And explain to him why, why is it so important we have to focus on policy initiatives around this area supporting women.

  7. Jan Logie: So, previously, in opposition, I was our Women’s Spokesperson, so that was the main reason, but I would also say I would describe it as absolutely important that, as a country, we start talking about gender-based violence, and that’s what I’m doing, because Intimate Partner Violence, in particular, and Sexual Violence, is driven by how we’ve constructed gender roles in this country and are really damaging. And that affects men, as well as women… that … we know … in opposition I worked really hard around Sexual Violence to get funding for male survivors because no one was talking about their needs and men are victims of Sexual Violence. That’s a reality and we need to make sure they’ve got appropriate support. And we know that, because of the way people are told it is to be a man in this country – you know, like that “Staunch it up”.

COMMENT: This is pure Lesbian fiction and Logie does not provide any evidence for it (of course!). REFERENCES EXAMINING ASSAULTS BY WOMEN ON THEIR SPOUSES OR MALE PARTNERS: AN ANNOTATED BIBLIOGRAPHY by Professor Martin Fiebert. What is "gender based" about Domestic Violence is the fact that the Lesbian gender has long used Domestic Violence to create a false, anti-male stereotype, because the Lesbian gender hates the male gender.

  1. Finn Hogan: (inaudible)

  2. Jan Logie: Yeah! Well, that doesn’t leave much space for men to talk about their experience of being victims, right? So, if we’re going to unpack that, that’s going to help men, as well as women. We all need to acknowledge, though, that, in terms of intimate partner violence, that is women are predominantly the victim of men’s violence and I’ve seen some of the men you’re talking about – some stats around males’ experience. Usually, if a woman kills her partner, there is previous evidence of her having been a victim and we tend to lump in family violence as all forms, ‘cause but men are far more likely to be killed by other family members rather than their female partners, so we kind of lump all these things in and it gets really confusing, but what it boils down to is we’ve got to take all violence seriously and this is deeply gendered.

COMMENT: The Government are Human Rights criminals and oppress men by letting Women's Refuge train the Police, lawyers and the Judiciary, so that men are simply not believed (most of the time) if they are victims of Domestic Violence and call on these State agencies for help. This is the result of all the pretty sluts in the media refusing to let Men's Rights Activists have a voice on Domestic Violence. This means that men have to either leave (their children) or fight back -- which sometimes results in deaths.

  1. Finn Hogan: Right.(at about 12:27)


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