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Lying Logie Cons Parliament Into Convicting Innocent Men.

Peter Zohrab 2021

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This article is based on my annotated transcript of the interview of Green MP Jan Logie on TVNZ's Q+A show about new Sexual Violence Legislation on 21 February 2021 ( https://www.tvnz.co.nz/shows/q-and-a/clips).



Jan Logie's new "sexual violence" legislation is designed -- purely and simply -- to increase the conviction rate for this offence. Everything else she says is just a smoke-screen and window-dressing. She does not even mention the possibility of falsely accused people being convicted. Nor does she mention the societal changes -- most of them produced by Feminism -- which have (apparently) caused an increase in this kind of offending.


Lie Number One

At line 71, Logie states: "As a country we are so very far behind every single other jurisdiction" (i.e. as regards sexual violence legislation). That is a complete lie, since countries vary widely as regards their sexual violence legislation and very few have the kind of legislation that Logie wants to have.

Moreover, it is also a lie to claim that legislation of the type which she wants to introduce is somehow more "advanced" than previous legislation. It is merely more anti-male and more totalitarian.


Lie Number Two

Logie implies that the court process is unnecessarily traumatising for complainants. Consider the following points:

  1. She agrees when Q+A says that "the purpose of this bill is to try to establish a balance ... between not unnecessarily traumatising complainants and victims in the justice process, but also protecting those principles of justice and open justice. "

  2. However, when she cited a relevant report (at line 7), it was a report "where parents said that, that they wish they'd never reported. If they'd known how traumatising it would be for their family and their children, they wouldn't have reported." However, parents have no insight into whether their children are telling the truth or not. The child's motivation for claiming that they had been sexually assaulted may, in some case, have been their parents' probable reaction if they had known the actual truth. The child may have been forced to lay a police complaint, in order to persuade their parents that they had actually been sexually assaulted, rather than just making up a story. In such cases, a lot of the trauma would have been caused by the fact that the child had to maintain and repeat a lie to his/her parents, the police, in the courtroom and possibly to friends and the media as well.

  3. At line 11, Logie states that "the most recent research tells us that 24% of us have experienced sexual violence and only six percent of those people report to the police and one of the reasons for that, acknowledged by the Law Commission in this, in their research into this issue, is because the process is so traumatising." If Logie was an honest person, she would have acknowledged that it would be INHERENTLY traumatic to talk about personal sexual experiences to the police and legal professionals. That amount of trauma would be unavoidable and not something that changing the court process would ameliorate!

  4. The legal definition of sexual violence has been greatly widened over the years, because of Feminist pressure. It is no longer just about a stranger jumping on a woman in a dark alleyway at night, or such-like. Logie herself (at lines 95 and 97) complains about "an example of a complainant's having kissed a defendant once before..." being "...used as a definition or evidence of consent." And at line 103 she states that "at the moment consent in our law cannot be assumed, given in general, or for the future." This refers to the facts that sexual violence can be claimed to have occurred even between long-time partners and that reasonable grounds to believe in consent has to be present before each sexual act. Legally, also, a person who is too intoxicated is not considered capable of giving consent. While it may well be traumatic for a person to be forcibly raped in a dark alley by a stranger at night, it must be much less traumatic to experience so-called "sexual violence" if you are drunk at the time, or the person who does this to you is a long-time partner who does it when you just happen to have a headache!

  5. I myself, as a male, have had several apparent experiences of being sexually assaulted -- mainly by females. Mostly, they involved women pressing their breasts against parts of my body that they found sexually attractive, but one incident involved a woman performing an indecent act on me in a bar without my consent. In most cases, the other party was supposed to be performing a professional service (mostly medical or dental) for me when they carried out these assaults. I had no previous personal relationship with most of them. However, my point is that only one of these incidents was at all traumatic -- and that was the one which -- legally -- was least likely to have been an assault at all! What happened in that case was that a doctor at a hospital needed to examine my nose. He sat down opposite me and (without warning) forced my legs apart with his knees and kept them apart forcibly, while he examined my nose. He had a strange grin on his face, which made the incident seem sexual. This was mildly traumatic, because of the force used, the lack of warning or explanation and the strange grin on his face.

  6. In my experience, then, being sexually assaulted is not usually traumatic, unless force is used.



Logie is exaggerating the amount of trauma involved, in order to make it easier to convict people -- mainly men -- even if they are innocent!


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Peter Douglas Zohrab

Latest Update

21 April 2021