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Andy Murray, Defender of Truth and Sex-War Hero

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Contrary to popular belief, women do not always tell lies -- they only tell lies when they are communicating, and they generally only communicate when they are awake.

Now that Feminism controls the Western World, what has changed is that women now ban truth. According to the webpage http://english.sina.com/sports/1/2006/0109/61055.html ,

Spectators booed loudly when Murray said "we were both playing like women" in a first set in which there were seven breaks of serve.

Now, people who watch sports matches are not doing it in order to think. They are doing it either because they can't think, or because they want a break from thinking. Obviously, these spectators were not thinking when they booed.

It is bad enough that we have sexual apartheid in sports, with women earning huge amounts for competing in second-rate competitions with each other, when they would not survive in free and fair competition with male players. In the rest of the employment sector, men have to compete on a level playing-field with women, even if this means earning much less than women do -- e.g. in the modelling industry. As if that were not bad enough, the dumbos who go and watch those events are now booing people who point this out !

Andy Murray is a war-hero ! Raise your glasses to him and salute this speaker of truth in a culture of liars !


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