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Police State Rides Roughshod Over Human Rights.

(Was: Police Non-Reply About Bias)

Peter Zohrab 2016

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Initial Letter

Email to Ombudsmen

Reply from Police

Second Email to Ombudsmen



Early in 2016, I sent the following letter to the Minister of Police, and it was forwarded to the Police themselves to deal with -- according to the Office of the Minister of Police (phone call on 23 February 2016).


19 January 2016

Minister of Police
Parliament House


Dear Judith Collins,

  1. What training programs are in place to prevent the New Zealand Police discriminating against men?

  2. What New Zealand Police policies address the issue of Police bias against men?

I draw to your attention the following advertisement that appeared in 2003, in the Hutt News. The only feedback I have received since posting that on the Web has been an email – purportedly from the Police – asking me to take it down, since it was making their job more difficult! The Police seem to think that the priority is for them to be able to do their work – even if their work is systematically anti-male!

As you can see, it includes anti-male political propaganda and stereotypes, such as:

  • Many men use children to regain control over the relationship when it ends;

  • Family violence often stems from a belief that women and children are the property of men;

  • Boys model their behaviour on that of their violent fathers;

  • It is often what is happening to the children that motivates a women (sic) to seek help;

  • Girls can be withdrawn and fearful.

Virtually the whole Fathers' Movement has been about women using children against their fathers -- and here we have the Feminazi Police, using taxpayer money, spreading man-hating stereotypes ! Women have much more control over their children than men do -- especially when the parents are separated.

Notice the sentence in the advertisement which states:

“It is not necessarily physical violence but can be controlling isolating behaviour of one person over another person.”

Even if you don't know about the research showing that women hit men just as often as men hit women (see http://www.csulb.edu/~mfiebert/assault.htm), you will, I hope, agree that women are at least as capable of "controlling isolating behaviour" as men are !

This advertisement just talks of men as perpetrators and just talks of females as victims. What chance has a man got of getting this sort of scum-police to deal with his violent partner ? What credibility have police statistics on Domestic Violence arrests got, when they are obviously only looking to arrest men ?

I myself have been the victim of this sort of police attitude, so I assume that it is endemic in the New Zealand Police.


Yours sincerely,

Peter Zohrab


Man-Hating Police Advertisement


On 14 March 2013, I rang Police National Headquarters and asked what was happening about my letter. The woman on the telephone said she would phone me back that day, but (as of 17th March 2016) she has not done so.

So I sent the following email to the Ombudsmen.


Emailed Complaint to Ombudsman


In due course, I received the following reply from the Police College.


Police letter of 28 April 2016


Apart from the substantive issues which could be raised in connection with the above letter, it has clearly failed even to address my Point 2, which was:

2. What New Zealand Police policies address the issue of Police bias against men?

Therefore I have written again to the Ombudsmen, as follows:


Dear sir/Madam,


Your Ref: 425334


As I informed your office by email on 5th May, the Police have replied to my letter (see your earlier email below).

However, they answered only one of my two points/questions. Please see the attached copy of their letter.

Could you please ask them to reply to my second point/question, which was: "What New Zealand Police policies address the issue of Police bias against men?"?

Thank you in advance.


Yours sincerely,

Peter Zohrab


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Peter Douglas Zohrab

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