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Police Incompetence and Discrimination on Domestic Violence (open letter)

© Peter Zohrab 2006

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I refer to the article "Domestic Violence on the Rise" (Hutt News 18/4/2006).

It is about time that legal action was taken against state agencies that insist on taking the sexist, incompetent, discriminatory and hypocritical attitude to Domestic Violence demonstrated by the reported views of Lower Hutt police area manager Bruce Dunstan.

He says:

"We have major issue with some families because, A, complainants are reluctant to talk to us and, B, they won't disclose the extent of the abuse or the whole history of violence in that family."

Of course they won't ! Men know that they won't be treated fairly by the police, so their only option is to try to keep the police out of it. Just do a survey of men and women and find out what percentage would report being hit by their spouse to the police. Virtually no men would do so.

There is massive publicity to encourage women to report it, but absolutely none for men to report Domestic Violence. Men who report female Domestic Violence are likely to get arrested themselves. I know of one case where a man reported being hit by his wife by phone on the 111 line, and the police officer insisted on getting an answer to the question: "Did she punch you or did she hit you ?" The man refused to answer that irrelevant question, and so the police officer hung up !

The article goes on to say:

"What's even more puzzling is that the Hutt Valley has a very supportive network of agencies put in place specifically to help victims of family violence."

That is gross hypocrisy. I have been living in the Hutt Valley and active in Men's Rights since 1988, and I have never heard any mention of one single agency that helps male victims of Domestic Violence here.

The police are obviously all turning into women, because Dunstan was reported as relying on hunches (feminine intuition). Obviously, he hasn't heard about fact (statistics), which all show that women commit even more Domestic Violence than men do. See Professor Fiebert's annotated bibliography on the Web at http://www.csulb.edu/~mfiebert/assault.htm .

I once asked the Lower Hutt police to prosecute Farmers for incitement to violence for selling girls' products promoting violence against boys (see farmerss.html). The police officer phoned his superior and was told that the police would not prosecute. The police are not interested in prosecuting female violence.

I know that the vicious man-hater, Annette King, has been put in place as Police Minister to tame the police and put down any resistance to Lesbian lies on Domestic Violence and Rape, but we have to resist these oppressors anyway. For female police attitudes to men, see: pubenemy.html .

I used to get female police officers glaring at me from their police cars as I walked along the street -- until one of them did it right in front of two women civilians ! Fancy being so stupid as to do that right in front of other member of the ruling class -- i.e. women ! One day, in Wainuiomata, I was glared at, as usual, by a female police officer from her car, and, as I drove down Coast Road, I came across an Armed Offenders Group exercise and one of these officers, holding a rifle, glared at me too !


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