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The Criminal Organisation "Farmers Trading Company of New Zealand"

Peter Zohrab 2004

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Boy slogans pulled

Nelson College Headmaster, Salvi Gargiulo, got media attention when he complained about boy-hating, sexist and criminal slogans on girls' underwear that was being sold by Farmers. He called for a boycott of Farmers.

See: http://www.nzherald.co.nz/latestnewsstory.cfm?storyID=3564889&thesection=news&thesubsection=general

On Friday 7 May 2004 at 7:28 pm (New Zealand Time), I emailed Farmers, the media, politicians, and our Men's Movement (and rang two TV stations), saying that I would be laying a complaint with the Police about Farmers committing Incitement to Commit Assault With Intent To Injure, under the Crimes Act 1961.

I also wrote:

'If the police refuse to prosecute Farmers, I will ask them if they have any objection to my standing outside the police station with a sign saying:

"Throw rocks at The Police -- The police are thick and sexist !"

and/or outside Farmers with the sign:

"Throw rocks at Farmers -- Farmers are thick and sexist !"'

On Saturday morning 8/5/2004, the radio news said they had refused to stop selling them, because they were selling well -- but later the media announced a change of mind, on Farmers' part.

It is significant that no one noticed that Farmers were committing a criminal offence, until I pointed it out. The fact is, if it's a crime by (or for) females against males, it's not really a crime, in the Western World.


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