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Minister of Education Oppresses Boys (update).


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Open Letter to the Minister of Education

The Minister's Reply

My reply to the Minister


Dear Hekia Parata,

Hansard quotes you as having stated on 27 August 2013 as follows:

Yesterday we announced a $27 million investment in education initiatives targeted to the children and young people who are falling behind. Thanks to the data-rich environment that our Government has championed, including national standards, we know more precisely what needs to be done, where and with whom — schools and parents. The initiatives include $5 million to Building on Success, which uses the most effective elements to help secondary school Maori students; $1 million to boost Pasifika success in National Certificate of Educational Achievement (NCEA); $3 million to support new entrants develop literacy and numeracy skills; $3 million to partner with 100 schools to increase NCEA level 2 achievement; and $1.75 million to support teen parents in mainstream schools.

Under the Official Information Act, could you please give me a list of all initiatives that your Ministry is currently undertaking in order to target the educational under-achievement of boys?

It is well-known that boys are prominent among the "children and young people who are falling behind", yet you only mention the following categories of students:

Maori children
Pasifika children
New entrants
Teen parents (who are mostly girls).

I realise that you are a woman, and that you have only got where you are as the result of Feminist whining about so-called "equality", so could you please explain to me why you are now deliberately oppressing boys by ignoring their needs in the female-dominated education system? Is it that you are sexist, or is this deliberate sexism on your part just a sop which you are throwing to the anti-male education sector in order to get them to see you in a favourable light?

I realise that man-hating educators enjoy saying that it is not boys who are falling behind, but just Maori boys and Pasifika boys, but that is a blatant lie -- so typical of women. The category "boys" is an independent variable in its own right and cannot be subsumed under racial groups except by the most hypocritical of statistical manipulation!

(by email)


Tena koe Minister

Your reply to my letter about targetting the educational under-achievement of boys was grossly hypocritical and offensive.

I don't know what it is about you women; most of you seem to resort to hypocrisy and lies as your first line of defence on all occasions! One of the few honest female Ministers I have come across was Laila Harre, then Minister of Women's Affairs. When I pointed out to her that it was a lie for the Ministry of Women's Affairs to claim that it was about equity, at least she had the honesty (after the intervention of the Ombudsman, that is) to admit that that Ministry was not about equity, but only about women!

Now here you are, responding to my question about targetting the needs of boys by referring to the targetting of both boys and girls -- which of course is not targetting at all, since it includes (almost) all young people! Your list of 20 initiatives includes not a single one that targets boys, although four of them target Maori and Pasifika children.

You do not seem to object to preferential treatment for Maori and Pasifika children, but you throw up clouds of hypocrisy and lies when asked about preferential treatment for boys, who need it just as much! Either there should be no targetting at all or there should be targetting at ALL groups who need it -- including boys!

Targetting Maori and Pasifika children, but not boys, both sexist and racist!

Heoi ano

Peter Zohrab


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