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The Trouble with Feminist Teachers

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Fortunately, the media have not ignored the decline in Boys' Education in Western countries. However, they have tended to use headlines such as: "The Trouble with Boys". To use the headline "The Trouble With Boys" is to blame the victim. This is offensive, because it is Feminist teachers and lecturers, as well as the Feminist media, which are the cause of boys' problem, in the first place.

Educational institutions frequently have courses in Women's Studies but seldom in Men's Studies -- and they also have many Feminist lecturers who bring Feminist propaganda into their mainstream classes. Even when Men's Studies courses do exist, they are only permitted to exist if they act as subservient offshoots of their Big Sisters in the Women's Studies departments. This amounts to a systematic, one-sided attack on men and boys by educational institutions, which thereby expose themselves as biased against their male students. How can male students possibly do well in such institutions ?

An ideology is a thought-system that predisposes a person, group or society to ask certain questions, and to ignore -- or even to resist asking -- certain other questions. When Feminists decided that girls' education was lagging behind in certain respects, they certainly did not blame the girls for the problem -- they blamed the "Patriarchy". The female-dominated education system has been -- ideologically, if not actively -- biased in favour of girls from that time onwards.

So I don't think there is a "trouble with boys". Boys can do anything that their female-dominated education system lets them do. I blame the Matriarchy for their problems, and the sooner the Western male plucks up the intestinal fortitude to stand up to his partner and criticise Feminist ideology, the sooner boys will be shot of their "problem".

Educational institutions need Men's Studies courses to ask the questions that Women's Studies courses refuse to ask. You know how much status is given to certain views by turning them into an educational course. People who teach and study such courses are called "experts" and influence public policy in important areas, with severe consequences for people (men and boys, in this case) who are victimised by State authorities on the basis of the doctrines taught by these "experts". Therefore it is not an "academic" matter what courses schools, polytechnics and universities choose to run. Such choices are highly political, and sometimes oppressive.


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