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Summary Haiku:

Men have no rights,
but aren't less human.
We blame sexism.


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Bad Money Driving Out Good: Police Bias, Sexism, Stupidity and Incompetence

Bias in the case: R v Danny Brian Mayes

"Black Lives Matter" Movement is Sexist and Racist

Cognitive Psychology, Family Violence and how the Left has destroyed Democracy

"Common Sense" replaces Democracy.

Corrupt Justice Ministry Faking Statistics and the Absence of Investigative Journalism and Academic Freedom in New Zealand

Crusher Collins Crushes Another Man!

De-Dumbing Up: Rolling Back Feminism and Liberating Men

Double Standards in Sport and Employment

Dyldomedia Angry at Police Insubordination

Dykes Rule, OK: the disciplined Lesbian agencies of the New Zealand police and legal system

Equality before the Law

Equality for Men in Brazil's Bahia State Military Police

Fake News Meets Fake Education:The Gross Incompetence of Professor Sir Peter Gluckman, Associate Professor Ian Lambie and TV3's Lisa Owen; also the Gross Corruption of the Ministry of Justice

Fascism of the EU Parliament's President

Fascist Thickshit, David Cunliffe

Female Violence and Domestic Violence Policy

Feminists 41 Rugby Union 13: the Stripper beats the Strippers

Feminist and Black Sexism and Racism Caused the Charlottesville Riot

Feminist Equality Means that Women Are Allowed to Assault Men

Feminist Power & Control, Watergate and President Trump's "Russia Connection"

Further to the Pay Equity Working Group

Government Hypocrisy and One Law For All

Gross Incompetence of the Feminist Media

How the Media, the Police and the Universities Murder New Zealand Men

Human Rights in a Small Country

Inquiry into a Politically Motivated Conspiracy

Kiwi Males Beware: Somewhere Near You, Some Woman Is Having An Emotion!

Kiwi men should vote for New Zealand First in the 2017 General Election

Lower Hutt Public Enemy #1

Lying Female Witnesses

Maori Men are the Main Victims of the Feminist Divide-and-Rule Strategy

Men Die Because Female Police are Physically Incompetent

Minister of Police Avoids Question.

Minister of Women's Police Covers Up Police Oppression of Men.

Ministry of Women's Injustice's Plans to Tighten the Screws on Men

Monkey Police

Muhammad Rizalman bin Ismail cannot get fair trial

New Zealand Matriarchy

Non-existence of Law and Journalism in New Zealand

Obituary: Jeanette Fitzsimons

Poder de la policía para negarse a investigar

Police Culture and Anti-Male Bias Straight from the Pig's Mouth (Book Review)

Police Discrimination Against Men

Police Incompetence & Discrimination on Domestic Violence

Police Intimidate Man Making Official Information Request

Police Legal Adviser Calls Human Resources Manager a Liar

Police Management Discriminates Against Older Male Police

Police See the Light on Family Violence

Police State Rides Roughshod Over Human Rights.

Portland Call to Eliminate Destabilising Racist and Sexist Content by the Mainstream Media

Predetermination in Commission of Inquiry into Police Conduct

Sack Senior Sergeant Alasdair Macmillan!

Send Jan Jordan Back to the Uranium Tower!

Stalinist-Lesbian-Maori Medicines Policy Cons the People and Destroys Democracy and Human Rights.

Strange Case of the Member of Parliament for Television New Zealand

Submission to the Commission of Inquiry into Police Conduct

Trade and Domestic Violence

Two Sexist White Ribbon Bullies Bite the Dust!

Tranz Metro railway Discrimination & Cultural Lesbianism

Two Power-Shifting Left-Wing Lies

Unscientific Radical Feminist Insurgency inside Police National Headquarters

Unscientific Radical Feminist Interference in Pacific Islands

Western Lesbian Feminist Neocolonialism

White-Ribboned Shylock

Why I admire Winston Peters

Why is Trump Trump?: A Reply to General Colin Powell

Woman's False Allegation Straight from the Pig’s Mouth

Women's TV & Women's Police Condone Sexual Assaults on Men.

Zohrab v Attorney-General & Others



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