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Open Letter to the Minister of Transport about Tranz Metro railway Discrimination and Cultural Lesbianism

© Peter Zohrab 2012

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(Although Tranzmetro is funded by the Greater Wellington Regional Council (GWRC), rather than central Government, the GWRC is headed by Fran Wilde, the former Mayor of Wellington, who decided to turn Wellington into a "Feminist city", and made all Council toilets unisex, so that men would have to wait just as long as women to urinate.  I felt it was no use my writing to her, because she would see that the dispute was basically between me and some women, and so she would just ignore me.  Gerry Brownlee has not replied to my letter)


Dear Mr. Brownlee,


I am writing to complain about the rampant sexism and discrimination practised against me by Tranz Metro on Thursday, 18 October 2012. As a result of an incident on a Kapiti Line train, Tranz Metro has trespassed me for two years from all its trains in the Greater Wellington area.

However, at no stage did it ask me for my side of the story. Since it has not accorded my right to Natural Justice, and it is a publicly funded company, could you please get Tranz Metro to rescind its trespass order immediately and issue me with an apology. I had been assaulted by a female -- yet the only attempt to ask me anything by someone who may have been a Tranz Metro employee was made -- very late in the piece -- by a woman wearing the offensive and sexist White Ribbon. Since I had just been assaulted by a female, I naturally refused to speak with someone wearing the ribbon which symbolises the culturally Lesbian and oppressive ideology, whereby the only violence that counts is violence by men against women. The Police wear that ribbon, and they too are sexist and culturally Lesbian. Look at this other example of Police anti-male sexism: Lower Hutt Public Enemy #1 .

Just in case someone tries to pretend to you that the White Ribbon symbolises opposition to *all* violence, just look at the website of the headquarters of the White Ribbon Campaign -- in Canada: http://www.whiteribbon.ca/

What happened was that there was a conspiracy by a group of women (headed by an apparently butch Lesbian) and one man, with the women standing in a circle on the Paraparaumu train station platform. These people are prepared to perjure themselves. I am known to criticise Lesbian Feminists on the Internet, because they have long been at the forefront of the anti-male feminist movement, and heavily involved in the anti-male Domestic Violence industry, in particular. See my page: Lesbian Feminists . Most or all of these people entered the same carriage that I entered. I had never seen them before, to my knowledge.

Without going into detail, since this will be before the courts, even the Police admit that a woman (not part of the group on the platform) assaulted me -- yet the Police told me that she is being treated more leniently than myself. The Ministry has a statistical study showing that the Justice System treats females more leniently than males (see http://www.justice.govt.nz/publications/global-publications/s/sentencing-in-new-zealand-a-statistical-analysis/documents/sentencing_1999.pdf ) -- that is also an example of cultural Lesbianism.

I admire you for the fact that you apologised in Select Committee many years ago, when you interjected rudely when I said that Feminism was New Zealand's state ideology. That is more than Labour Party Members of Parliament have done in similar circumstances. Since one of your former colleagues (Doug Graham) seemed to have the impression that I thought that politicians were stupid. let me take this opportunity of stating that stupidity is not, and was not the issue.

If the Feminist media and the Feminist universities do not tell you that Feminism and Cultural Lesbianism dominate New Zealand, how are you supposed to know that? So I am telling you now. All cultures have their negative sides. I know lots of languages and lived in lots of countries, and I can tell you that every culture has its pet hate. For Lesbians (in many cases) it is men. If men can't criticise Lesbians, but the culturally Lesbian feminist movement can tell lies about men -- that is cultural lesbianism at the national level.


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