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Lesbian Feminists

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I have been known to write negatively about Lesbian Feminists. This shocks people. Why do I attack Lesbians? Let's ask a different set of questions: why not attack Lesbians, and why does it shock people ?

Are you horrified when Lesbian Feminists criticise men ? Of course not -- whole areas of Western legislation are the embodiment of Lesbian Feminist hatred of men. The United States even took complete leave of its senses and passed into law a "Violence Against Women" Act, and the fact that you probably don't see anything insane about that shows how you have been captured and subjugated by Lesbian Feminist criticisms of men -- yet you won't allow me to criticise Lesbians ?

Elizabeth Meehan (1990 "British Feminism from the 1960s to the 1980s", in Harold Smith (ed.)(1990): "British Feminism in the Twentieth Century", University of Massachusetts Press, pp. 191-2), referring to Radical Feminists, states that "Radicals demand that lesbianism be considered not merely a matter of freedom of choice but as essential political practice for feminists."


Have a look at these two webpages:

  1. Scum Manifesto What is a university doing publicising Lesbian hatred of men ? Answer: Doing what universities usually do -- promoting man-hatred.

  2. Annotated Domestic Violence Bibliography Why does the US Government have a "Violence Against Women" Act, when female violence against males is at least as common as male violence against women ? Does the US Congress hate men ? Answer: Yes.


The MUC (Media-University Complex)

I know your problem: you have committed at least one of the following three errors:

  1. You have been to a university or college;

  2. You have read a newspaper or magazine;

  3. You have watched a TV news or current affairs programme, or listened to one on the radio.


The MUC (Media-University Complex) have taught you to think like them.

The MUC divide the World into Good Guys and Bad Guys (It's good that you can now use "guys" to refer to females, because most of the "Good Guys" are women). Religions and Ideologies are also famous for dividing the World into Good Guys and Bad Guys. This is not a coincidence, since the MUC have their own ideology as well (which you have learned).


Victims as Oppressors

According to this ideology, Lesbians are oppressed by Homophobia and Homophobes. So far so good. That is obviously true. It's what happens next that's the problem:

Since World War Two, Western Ideology has adopted the Jews as a political prototype, so let's compare the Lesbians with the Jews. In various countries, the Jews have been deemed to be oppressed -- culminating in the Nazi genocide of Jews during the 1930's and 1940's. But now the Jews in Israel are deemed to be oppressing the Palestinians.

An oppressed group is a potential oppressor, waiting to be given the chance. As the "False Prophet" said, "There's no use in exalting the humble and the meek. They don't remain humble and meek once they're exalted".


Why Lesbians ?

Even if you agree with all the above, you may doubt that Lesbians are the problem -- rather than Feminists in general. This would take a very lengthy article (or a whole book) to demonstrate conclusively, but have a look at these links:

Here are some additional points, based on my observations and experience:

  1. The Anti-(Male)-Violence industry (Women's Refuges, "Rape Crisis" organisations, legal research and lobbying, Sex-Abuse lobby groups, etc.) has provided a career-niche for Lesbians, who are very prominent in this area. You may argue that Lesbians are discriminated against in other areas, but this is one area where being Lesbian is a definite plus;

  2. In the workplace, I have found that Lesbians attract a group of defensive friends, who attack pro-men men in nasty ways, rather than merely defending Lesbians against potential (possibly non-existent) threats;

  3. Lesbians are the backbone of the Feminist Movement -- they try to prevent backsliding by Feminists who may actually like men and might be inclined to want them to have some rights. Lesbians do not "sleep with the enemy", and so they are free to be as anti-male as they like.

  4. I once showed the Department of Justice report Hitting Home: Men Speak about Abuse of Women Partners to Michael Bott -- then a fellow Men's Rights activist, now a lawyer. This activist pointed, one after another, to three or four of the persons featured on the acknowledgement pages and said, "She's a Lesbian, she's a Lesbian, she's a Lesbian ...." (This report, incidentally, was supposed to have been followed by one on women's abuse of male partners and another on same-sex partners' abuse of each other, but these never eventuated, in keeping with the Feminist emphasis on restricting the "bad guy" label to men).



If you are a man who is happy to let the Feminists reduce everyone except adult women to the status of slaves, then I have nothing to say to you. If -- on the other hand -- you agree that men have to fight for their rights (like anyone else in a pressure-group society), then you would be stupid to fight with one arm tied behind your back. If you let Lesbians attack men but refrain from attacking Lesbians yourself, you are fighting with one hand behind your back.


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