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A First Course in the Dykist Language

(Open Letter)

Copyright: Peter Zohrab 2002

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The Hutt News on 15/10/2002 published an article headlined: "Using Pacific culture to hit at violence", which was an illuminating depiction of Dykist brainwashing of Pacific Islanders by Dykist convert Folau Alofa to believe that men are responsible for all Domestic Violence, and women are always innocent, no matter what they do or say.

Here is my translation of the more striking bits of that article from the Dykist language into English:



"Every man (initially) says he has done nothing wrong, every man is perfect.  It is his wife that has the problem."

"Every man (initially) tries to state his point of view, but he soon learns that Dykism doesn't allow a man to have a point of view."

"The model Folau Alofa uses is based on Pacific Island culture and encourages the violent man to view a victim of violence as his own sister."

"Pacific Island culture has been resistant to Dykist indoctrination, so the Dykists have had to think of some brainwashing trick that would bring them around."

"The trust also runs a women's group to help the women support the men by getting them to recognise and reduce the triggers that lead to violence."

"The Dykists have thought of a way to stop women being psychologically or physically abusive to their menfolk, without actually admitting that women are ever violent or abusive: the Dykist solution is to call this abuse "triggers".  Instead of the Dykists admitting that violence by BOTH men AND women has to be stopped, they concentrate on stopping male violence, and any success they have in this is due to the fact that they manage to stop the female abuse that causes the male violence -- by calling it "triggers".



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