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The Abolition of Men's Human Rights in New Zealand (slightly edited)(updated)

Peter Zohrab 2019

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(Open Letter to the Prime Minister of New Zealand)


Dear Jacinda Ardern,


I note that one of your ministers, Jan Logie, has defined "Human Rights" as:


"the safety of victims and children – particularly women and children."


This was in a TV3 interview, which is at https://www.facebook.com/NewshubNationNZ/videos/newshub-nation-facebook-live-jan-logie/276076036334798/

You can also see a partial transcript of this interview at: Jan Logie: Man-Hating as a Religion


I note also that your government has no policies specifically for men, but a huge list of policies especially for women.

I note also that, according to your Minister for State Services, your government makes no effort to find out what policies might be needed to benefit men -- see A Ministry for Men


Under the Official Information Act, could you please inform me:

  1. What information your government has as to whether men actually have Human Rights or not;

  2. What plans your government has in place to formally abolish men's Human Rights;

  3. 3. What plans you currently have in place to dismiss Undersecretary Jan Logie for her denial of men's Human Rights?


Yours sincerely,

Peter Zohrab


In due course, I received the following reply:


Letter from Prime Minister 15.2.2019


See also:




Peter Douglas Zohrab

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25 April 2022