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Abolish the Fascist Human Rights Commission!

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(Open Letter to the Minister of Justice)


Dear Amy Adams,


I am writing to suggest that you abolish the Human Rights Commission (HRC).  I have had a lot of experience with it over the years, and there is clear evidence that it does not even understand Human Rights.  It has favourite genders and ethnic groups and it actively oppresses the ones that it doesn't like.  I am of mixed ethnicity, I have lived in and visited a large number of countries, and I speak a large number of languages to various extents.  Consequently, unlike the vast majority of other people, I speak about ethnic groups on the basis of knowing what they actually say to each other about other ethnic groups -- rather than on the basis of what their PR people say to the media!  I am also an expert on gender issues from a Men's Rights point of view, being the author of the book, Sex, Lies & Feminism.

The HRC has a Commissioner with responsibility for women, but no Commissioner with responsibility for men.  Consequently, it disseminates anti-male propaganda (e.g. on Domestic Violence) and promotes anti-male agendas, such as the White Ribbon Campaign.  The Human Rights Commission website even advertises a White Ribbon Mountain Bike Relay .  Erin Pizzey, who founded one of the World's first women's refuges, and received death-threats from Feminists, owns a non-sexist version of a White Ribbon website.  She interviews Professor Martin Fiebert, who has an annotated bibliography of Domestic Violence research, which "examines 286 scholarly investigations: 221 empirical studies and 65 reviews and/or analyses, which demonstrate that women are as physically aggressive, or more aggressive, than men in their relationships with their spouses or male partners."  The Fascist Human Rights Commission, in effect, encourages women to assault men, knowing that all blame is likely to be attached to the male victim of their violence, because of Fascist propaganda like that of the Human Rights Commission.

On 23 November 2014, Dr. Jackie Blue, the Human Rights Commission's EEO Commissioner, appeared on TV One's Q & A programme wearing a white ribbon.  That is gross sexism, since the White Ribbon Campaign sends the signal to Society that violence by women against men is perfectly acceptable, and that only violence against women is any cause for concern.  She obviously does not have the intellectual capacity to understand the word "Equal" in the word "Equal Employment Opportunities", which  appears in her job title.  In other word, she is a gross sexist, and should be sacked immediately.  I realise that the National Party was keen to get her out of its caucus, but she should have been given a job as a coal miner or forestry worker, because we need EQUAL numbers of women being killed in the workplace -- instead of 90% of the victims of workplace accidents being men.  Perhaps Jackie Blue could be sent alone down the Pike River mine to retrieve the bodies of the 29 men?

Not only that, but the vicious, man-hating Jackie Blue is featured in an article entitled "Violence costs women, children and the New Zealand economy", which is grossly sexist.  It refers to the Glenn Inquiry, which, methodologically, is a complete joke -- merely quotes from a selection of gripes made by whoever happened to contact the Inquiry and then (without any intelligent academic discussion whatsoever) arrives at some conclusions.  Moreover, it ignored the input which it received from men, as far as its conclusions were concerned.  If Jackie Blue had the slightest competence, she would see that the Glenn Inquiry only looked for violence against women and children, and so it only found violence against women and children. That is predetermination.  As you know, that is a breach of Natural Justice.  Jackie Blue is nothing more than a vicious man-hater who is waging war on men.

Over the years, I have made many pro-male complaints to the HRC, and none have been accepted by it -- except for three which related to sexist, anti-male job advertisements.  See Human Rights Commission supports Protest at Sexist Advertisement and Repeated Anti-Male Discrimination by Female Newspaper and Female Restaurant (involving two complaints).  Even then, in one of these cases, the HRC failed to action my complaint and I had to contact them again to get any action taken on it.  The only reason the HRC does take men's employment issues seriously is that its counterpart in the United Kingdom does so, and the New Zealand HRC takes it as its model. 

Eventually I decided to make an Official Information Act request to the HRC about my previous complaints, and you can see that one of my earlier complaint letters had had a couple of rude, derogatory and/or abusive Post-it notes placed on it by HRC staff.  I don't know what "Mr. F.O.A.D." is supposed to mean, but presumably it is something abusive referring to me.  You will see that this document has been censored by the crossing out of two words, so that they cannot be read.  You will also see the letter of apology which I received from the HRC. 

From the content of that letter of complaint you will also see that someone at the HRC took it upon herself to send me some unsolicited propaganda from the HRC.  So not only does the HRC ignore pro-men arguments but it monitors the airwaves and polices views which it disagrees with!  In addition, you will see my reference to the fact that the HRC connived in the rewriting of the rules governing the physical testing of male and female recruits to the Police Force, with the effect of allowing females into the force who cannot meet the male standards -- circumventing the spirit of the Human Rights Act 1993.


Below you can see how a former Human Rights Commissioner, Rae Julian, had the cheek to write a report on Fathers -- which she should not have done, since she is not a father and (being a Feminist) she is anti-father.  She ignored my offer to participate, accepted input from three times as many women as men, and accepted input from three women's organisations but NO men's organisations.  This is typical of the sexism of the Human Rights Commission.

I am related to the late Jeremy Pope, whose last job was as a Human Rights Commissioner.  I have had quite a bit to do with him and his family, both when they lived in Akatarawa and (much later) when we were both living in London and he was the head of the legal section of the Commonwealth Secretariat.  Nevertheless, although he emailed me about family history matters, he never communicated with me about Men's Rights issues, although he must have been well aware that I was an activist in that area.  The Commonwealth Secretariat, like the United Nations, peddles anti-male lies about domestic violence, so you might have expected him to want to hear my point of view on such issues.  But no.

He was one of the two people behind the Citizens For Rowling organisation which tried to prevent the reelection of National Party Prime Minister Robert Muldoon.  That was a very hypocritical organisation, since Rowling (the Labour Party leader) inspired no enthusiasm at all, and the real motive for the existence of the organisation was a hatred for Robert Muldoon.  His non-communication with me on Men's Rights issues and his involvement with the Citizens For Rowling organisation both point to the hard ideological outlook and hypocrisy that are typical of people of the type who generally work for the Human Rights Commission.  I could also mention that I took the picture of him and his wife that appears in the 1980s coffee-table book which they wrote -- but they gave me no acknowledgement in the book.

One friend of Jeremy Pope's is Chris Laidlaw, with whom I corresponded when he was Race Relations Conciliator.  I mention him because he later complained that one All Black coach (John Mitchell) only seemed to pick White players.  I did not disagree with him, particularly, but I wrote and pointed out that he had a double standard, because the All Black Sevens' coach, up till then, had only seemed to pick Non-White players!  I said that I did not care what colour the players' skins were, but that I thought he shouldn't apply double standards!

Similarly, when Rajen Prasad was Race Relations Conciliator, I saw him on TV showing obvious displeasure when he heard a male voice with an upper-class, southern English accent.  It was quite an unusual accent -- not your ordinary RP accent.  Later I happened to go to the Race Relations Office and spoke to his receptionist, who was an English woman, and who indicated (although I cannot remember her actual words) that he in fact didn't like English people.  My point here is that Human Rights Commission-type people have tended to see males and Whites as the enemy, and females and Non-Whites as the Good Guys -- whereas this is a gross oversimplification of racial and gender issues.

The current government has apparently managed to get a squash player and a rugby administrator appointed to top jobs at the Human Rights Commission.  This would have brought the Human Rights Commission into disrepute, if it wasn't already there!  The squash-player Race Relations Commissioner, Susan Devoy, is a racist, who criticised the Act Party for campaigning for equality between Maoris and others!  Mind you, as I have pointed out, equality for Maoris should include equal rights to get the courts to rule on traditional Maori rights to the seabed and foreshore -- without limiting those rights by Act of Parliament, and I am sure that the Act Party is opposed to that.


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Peter Douglas Zohrab

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