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Anti-Male Discrimination in a Human Rights Textbook

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Non-discriminatory Human Rights textbook
Discriminatory Human Rights textbook

The figures mentioned above in relation to men's rights and women's rights are taken from the indices of the respective books, and can be confirmed by reading the texts.  The book on the right (2005 edition), unlike the one on the left (2003 edition), discusses actual cases at length, and there are presumably few men's rights discrimination cases (but see Marshall v Bermuda and other cases listed at Court Case Links).  However, that does not excuse the book from treating sex discrimination as if it could only possibly involve discrimination against women.  Men's rights discrimination cases do not often go to court because neither the potential clients, their potential lawyers, nor their potential judges are likely to have the male-centred approach which alone would make such cases seem plausible or likely to succeed. Female-centred clients, lawyers and judges, on the other hand, are the norm in Feminised societies such as New Zealand. 

The authors of the book on the left (above) are/were working in the Law Faculty of Auckland University and the authors of the book on the right are working in the Law Faculty of Victoria University of Wellington.  These books typify what I see as the main difference between these two Law Faculties -- indeed, between these two cities.  Auckland concentrates on doing a professional job, and Wellington subjects every topic to a Leftist agenda.  When I was a student in Wellington's Law Faculty, I was not taught by Petra Butler (fortunately!), but she was the only staff member who (as I recall) did not even reply to me when I emailed her to ask for some information.


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