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Rule of Law, Human Rights and Organisational Culture: The Minister of Justice's Inquiry into the Human Rights Commission

Peter Zohrab 2018

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(Open Letter to the Minister of Justice)


Dear Mr. Little,


I am writing about your decision to hold an inquiry into the Human Rights Commission, about the inquiry's terms of reference and also about the person you have appointed to carry out the inquiry, even though the inquiry is scheduled to have finished by now.


  1. Selective indignation and the decision to hold an inquiry;

Based on the page https://www.labour.org.nz/government_announces_review_of_organisational_culture_and_processes_at_the_human_rights_commission it seems that your decision was based on "recent concerns about the handling of allegations of sexual harassment." Whose "concerns" were these and how did you come to hear about them, I wondered. That webpage then specified that these were "reported events," which means that you were basing yourself on media reports.

I agree with you that "It is vital that New Zealanders have trust and confidence in the Human Rights Commission as New Zealand’s authority for dealing with complaints about sexual harassment." However, you have not sought to find out what New Zealanders think. You have entrusted this inquiry to one woman, based on the concerns of the media -- which are basically one big woman.

Take TV3 as an example. Recently, Patrick Gower stepped down as Political Editor, apparently because of his blatantly obvious bias against President Trump and New Zealand First, which is now part of the Government, of course. His replacement is Tova O'Brien, who appears to think that "Feminism" (undefined) is part of the constitutional background against which political events must be judged, and that she is a judge of what is and is not "Feminism". As Europe Correspondent, she gave her unsolicited opinion on what was an what was not the "Feminist" approach to the Me Too movement and then went on to announce that she was the new TV3 Political Editor! I am an authority on Feminism, having written a book on it: Sex, Lies & Feminism and I can tell you that there is no consensus as to what "Feminism" means. However, it is nothing to do with equality or equity, since Feminists know nothing, and care less, about what men's rights, interests or needs are, so they don't even know what equality or equity would look like.

Over the years, I have expressed "concerns" to the media about literally hundreds of issues -- yet not a single one of these concerns of mine has ever been taken up by any media outlet. In my lengthy experience, the media are my mortal enemy and they should all be locked up and subjected to a life sentence of hard labour for Human Rights abuses. So you are wrong to assume that media concerns are the same as New Zealanders' concerns. For example, I wrote to your predecessor as Minister of Justice about abolishing the Human Rights Commission -- basically because it didn't realise that men were human -- and the media ignored me. It was not abolished, but it did appear to improve a little. Now you appear to be determined to abolish Human Rights and impose Feminism in its place again!


  1. The Inquiry's terms of reference;

    "The terms of reference are:


The first two terms of reference seem totally appropriate, but the last one is not. The term "culture" is not a legal term. Nor is the culture of the Labour Party or of the Government so unimpeachable that you have the moral authority to choose some random woman to impose her preferred culture upon the Human Rights Commission! Prime Miniser Ardern came into power promising to be a Prime Minister for all the people -- yet she has been doing a lot specifically for women and nothing specifically for men. So the culture of the Labour Party is the same as the culture of the media: All lies, and all favouring women!

When a previous Government chose one woman and gave her the power to review the culture of the Police, she concluded that there needed to be more physically incompetent women in the Police -- with the result that, when I called the Police to a family violence incident, the female Police officer simply sneered at me when I said I had been assaulted.


  1. The person you have appointed to carry out the inquiry.

I do not know anything about retired Employment Court Judge Coral Shaw, but a retired Employment Court Judge certainly would seem to be the appropriate person. However, you should not have appointed a single-person, single-sex inquiry team, because that has no credibility -- especially when inquiring into organisational culture. Men are people too!

Summary Haiku:

Men have no rights,
but aren't less human.
We blame sexism.


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Peter Douglas Zohrab

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25 April 2022