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The "People's Report": Self-Contradiction, Sexism and Stupidity

© Peter Zohrab

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The Glenn Inquiry's "People's Report" is a mickey-mouse effort by sexist, emotional and brainless women (largely), funded by an ignorant and self-important businessman, to solve New Zealand's child abuse and domestic violence problems.



Towards the end, it actually mentions men's problems.  On page 152, it states:

There were some concerns that the Police are "quick to side with women and arrest men" and that many men feel frustrated that they "have to prove they are not the perpetrator".

What this is about is sexist Police anti-male bias and the burden of proof.  It is a fundamental tenet of the criminal law almost all over the world that the State has the burden of proof, and that it is not for the accused person to have to prove his innocence.

However, on page 85 (and elsewhere), the report states:

Many argued that the burden of proof should lie with the perpetrator.

This sentiment is expressed more than once in the report, and relatively early on, whereas it is not until page 152, near the end, that the opposite sentiment is mentioned -- and then only once.  You are not entitled to conclude that someone (a man, typically) is a "perpetrator" simply because some woman tells you a story about him.  You have to get his side of the story too, and then examine the two sides of the story in a court of law!  This is typical of the female Fascism and hysteria which infects Establishment discussions of domestic violence in New Zealand.

These two quotations from the Report constitute a self-contradiction, because the report cites people's reported problems in an effort to arrive at solutions.  Since it cites contradictory problems and does not attempt to reconcile them in any even vaguely intelligent way, it is in effect recommending contradictory courses of action, although on page 119 the Report actually recommends placing the burden of proof with the so-called "perpetrator"..



The above is one example of anti-male sexism in the Report.  Other examples are plentiful, because the Report was written mainly by women and received input mainly from women, and the Report often uses the terms "men" and "perpetrator" as if they were equivalent terms!

The Report apparently had no contact whatsoever with men's or fathers' organisations.  It is basically a Report of random women's gripes and suggested solutions to those gripes, with no apparent knowledge of the Law or of academic research into domestic violence -- see, for example, Professor Fiebert's Annotated Bibliography.

The Report often quotes people (women) who state that the powers that be (i.e. judges, etc.) need to be educated about domestic violence.  It is clear that these random, probably moronic women have in mind education in Feminist propaganda, such as the so-called "Power & Control" model (aka the Duluth model), for which there is no evidence, as you can find out for yourself by googling "evidence for the power and Control model".  For example, on page 81 one woman complains:

They don't seem to have any understanding about power and control,...."

Even more serious is the following statement on page 117:

The Inquiry is convinced, after listening to people's accounts, that those who are unfamiliar with the intricacies of child abuse and domestic violence are in danger of putting women's and children's safety at risk.

This is a grossly sexist and ignorant statement, in that it ignores male victims, treats males as perpetrators, and assumes that unscientific Feminist propaganda about domestic violence should be preferred to scientific research.

The Summary on page 136 makes the Report's sexism crystal-clear, stating:

The safety of women and children must be paramount in the provision of such services;


We need to listen to, believe (my emphasis) and support children or mothers who disclose abuse and violence in their lives.

The above is pure Feminazism -- treating women as the "good guys" and men as the "bad guys", without a proper legal investigation into the facts of each situation!



The basic stupidity of the Report lies in its structure, which has no place for the collection of reliable, corroborated, or statistical data, or the fair-minded, informed, or intelligent analysis of such data.  It merely quotes from a selection of gripes made by whoever happened to contact the Inquiry and then (without any intelligent academic discussion whatsoever) arrives at some conclusions.  It is fundamental that you cannot understand a family situation unless you hear the points of view of all the relevant members of that family -- but Feminist domestic violence research never interviews female perpetrators or male victims, it only interviews male perpetrators (so-called) and female victims (so-called).



The Report is a fundamentally evil and destructive document, and in any decent society there would be a law under which everyone connected with the Report could be convicted of a hate-crime against men and sentenced to hard labour.


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Peter Douglas Zohrab

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13 January 2022