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Abolish Women's Refuges !

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Through media propaganda and works of fiction such as "Once Were Warriors", Women's Refuges (known as "Shelters" in some countries) have become sacred shrines to female victimhood and male brutality. Who would dare attack this sacred cow? I dare!

I have in the past tried to contact Women's Refuges, but have received no reply. If I could get the refuges to answer my questions, I would ask them these questions:


Women abuse their children and then are taken into Refuges, which prevents the fathers from protecting the children from the abusive mothers. Women are taken into Refuges just because they have no alternative accommodation -- men have no such free accommodation. Women abuse and kill their children in Refuges. See the news article: "Mother pleads guilty to smothering daughter at refuge"

If we abolish Women's Refuges, what will we replace them with ? Whatever we had before they were invented will do just fine. The important thing is to take them out of the hands of man-hating Feminists, who have created a huge, money-spinning, family-destroying industry out of them.

The problem is not as big as they maintain, and women are just as much at fault as men are.


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