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Totalitarian Bullying by the Retailer, "The Warehouse Group"

Peter Zohrab 2022

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(Open Letter)


12 January 2022

The Warehouse Group Limited
26 The Warehouse Way
Auckland 0627

Dear sir/Madam,

On two occasions recently, I went to Warehouse Stationery and was harassed by being asked to make donations to one or more so-called “charities,” which you had selected, before I could make my payments and leave your stores. The first occasion was on 16 November at your Christchurch Eastgate branch and the second occasion was on 7 December 2021 at your Christchurch South City branch.

I will now detail the nature of this and other abusive behaviour by your female-dominated firm and state the remedies which I want from you, including a payment of $1,900.00.

  1. You have harassed me by putting me in the position of having to agree or decline to donate to so-called “charities,” as a condition of being allowed by you to make a purchase;

  2. You had not informed me, before I entered your stores, that agreeing or decline to donate to so-called “charities” was a condition of being allowed by you to make a purchase;

  3. You had pre-selected a list of so-called “charities,” which were presumably the ones that you happened to like, without reference to the ones that I might like myself;

  4. You included Women's Refuge among these so-called “charities,” which is highly offensive. Irrespective of whether the Charities Commission has granted this organisation charitable status, it is, to a large extent, a dishonest, anti-male propaganda organisation. On the Women's Refuge page https://womensrefuge.org.nz/about-us/values/, it states that its values are

"to liberate women, children, families and whanau from family violence by providing quality services and social commentary."

By "social commentary", it means anti-male propaganda.

Its homepage (https://womensrefuge.org.nz/) describes itself as:

    “New Zealand’s largest nation-wide organisation that supports and helps women and children experiencing family violence. Our vision is for all women and children in Aotearoa to live free from domestic and family violence.”

This is quite clearly discriminatory. It does not support or help men experiencing family violence. It also does not have a vision for all men in New Zealand to live free from domestic and family violence. None of the other so-called “charities" which you listed specifically supported or helped men with respect to domestic and family violence, or in any way whatsoever. So Warehouse Stationery is in effect helping Women's Refuge to enable women to commit family violence and domestic violence and to get men blamed for it, because Women's Refuge supplies its anti-male propaganda to the Police, the legal profession and other intellectually deficient people in the business sector, such as the Warehouse Group.

Women's Refuge is also clearly dishonest. It implies (without stating it, because it is not true -- see: http://blackribboncampaign.altervista.org/fiebertb.html) that only women and children experience family violence and domestic violence. It also implies (without stating it, because it is not true) that only men commit violence against children.

Retail organisations are powerful, because customers are forced to use them to purchase items that they need. But they have no right to abuse their power by manipulating, bullying and harassing customers.

The Warehouse Group is a retail organisation. Retail organisations do not employ many people with significant intelligence. If they had significant intelligence, they would be able to work in different spheres, with higher incomes. Although you are apparently keen to maintain a high self-esteem among your staff, you do not have the intellectual competence to evaluate social issues, such as Family Violence -- nor is it intelligent to evaluate such issues by asking only one side of the issue (e.g. the Feminists) for their input.

  1. I have experienced abusive behaviour by Warehouse Group staff in the past.:

  • In your Lyall Bay, Wellington, branch, I once bought a long, heavy metal trunk and carried it to the checkout. When I was trying to maneouvre between the checkouts, one of your female staff got close behind me and impeded my movement. I later complained to the manager, because I assumed that this would have been recorded on CCTV.

  • In your Palmerston North branch, I once wanted to ask your staff a question. It is sometimes hard to find staff in your stores, if you have a question that you need to ask them. I found two female staff talking to each other behind a counter, ignoring me. I watched them and waited patiently for them to stop talking. I can't remember if they ever stopped talking and let me ask my question. However, what I do remember is that I later got harassed by two White male managers, to whom one of the women had quite clearly complained that I was sexually harassing them, or something. If a male customer waiting to ask a female staff member constitutes sexual harassment, I suggest that you fire all of your female staff, so that male customers can go to your stores and ask questions, without being bullied by sexual harassment allegations.

  • In your Eastgate (Christchurch) branch of Warehouse Stationery, I was once looking for an ink cartridge, among your large display of cartridges along one wall. One male staff member offered to help me and selected one for me, after I told him which one I was after. I took it to the checkout and purchased it. Later, at home, I found that he had given me the wrong one, but I had already opened the package by that time. More recently, in the same store, a male staff member (probably the same one) again offered to help me, as I searched for an ink cartridge, but this time I did not allow him to help me.

You are clearly carrying out a Feminist and Leftist political agenda. On your page https://www.thewarehousegroup.co.nz/sustainability/community you state:

"Since 1982, we’ve helped to raise more than $72 million for charities across the country and have taken the lead on working with communities and our team to tackle issues such as family violence, period inequity, unhealthy housing and poverty. We have worked with more than 800 charities and community organisations to help them assist the most vulnerable New Zealanders."

This is clearly a pro-female and anti-male agenda. So-called "period inequity" is clearly a female-only issue and you mention no male-only issues. You mention Family Violence, but your support of Women's Refuge shows that you actually know absolutely nothing about Family Violence. I bet that none of your staff has ever read any of the hundreds of academic research articles that have been published on that issue. In fact, I bet that none of your staff have the brains to read any academic research articles on anything at all.

You refer to "the most vulnerable New Zealanders," but you have no objective evidence as to who the most vulnerable New Zealanders are. I bet you just ask your Feminist staff who they are and believe whatever they say. In fact, men are much more vulnerable than women, because no one cares about them or asks them for their views on Feminist issues and every institution in New Zealand discriminates agaisnt men and in favour of women.

Another example of your anti-male sexism is the fact that you are involved in the Her Project (https://www.thewarehousegroup.co.nz/sustainability/community/her-project). This entirely excludes men.

I note that the Her Project is involved with the garment and fashion industry. Have you done any research on the impact of the fashion industry on global warming? Have you done any research on how much more money women spend on garments and fashion than men do, and therefore how much more damage women do to the climate than men do, in this way? Have you done any research into what percentage of your customers and staff are female? I suggest to you that most of your customers and most of your staff are female, which makes you take anti-male political stances, because this is your way of sucking up to your female customers and staff. What steps have you taken to attract more male staff and male customers?

In relation to the two occasions when I was harassed by being asked to make donations to one or more so-called “charities,” including Women's Refuge, I demand a written apology and a payment of $1,900.00.


Yours sincerely,

Peter Zohrab


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Peter Douglas Zohrab

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