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Gender Differences in Domestic Violence: an Open Letter to Professor Fergusson

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Dear Professor Fergusson,

Your university writes at http://www.chmeds.ac.nz:80/newsevents/media_release/2006/dom_violence.htm as follows:

'Professor Fergussion says we need to understand why studies of community samples such as the CHDS usually show an absence of gender differences in domestic violence, whereas other sources dealing with severe violence, such as Women’s Refuge or police complaints, report a predominance of male perpetrators. “The best way of doing this is to study a large sample to examine the frequency of common couple violence involving mutual assaults and the frequency of more severe forms of domestic violence,” he says.'

That is completely wrong-headed!

The history of the issue of Domestic Violence is that it was relatively obscure until the Feminists latched on it as a major aspect of women's supposed oppression by men. So what we have is two more-or-less disconnected threads in the area of Domestic Violence discourse and "research:"

  1. Feminists who are only interested in using it as a means of demonstrating women's supposed oppression by men;

  2. Relatively objective researchers who are intrested in it primarily as a field of research, like any other.

    In this context, it is vital to understand how mickey-mouse and politicised Western universities and judicial systems are:


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Peter Douglas Zohrab

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