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Open Letter to Opposition Leader on Domestic Violence Propaganda

© Peter Zohrab 2007

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"Dear Mr. Key,

I would like to see you, please, to present the rational, scientific -- as
opposed to the emotive -- perspective on domestic violence, because I am
sure you have never been exposed to it.

If possible, could you please invite the most rabid feminist you can find to
debate the issue with me before you, because the media systematically refuse
to let me debate the issues with such a person (or they refuse to
participate). The reason is that I would win the debate, since I have the
facts and they have the lies.

I have been active in the area of domestic violence activism (as part of
men's rights in general) for many years, and I have met with then Minister
of Justice, Doug Graham, who accused me of thinking that he was stupid,
which was not the issue at all. A person (such as Barry Wilson, of the
Auckland Council of Civil Liberties) who makes pronouncements and makes
decisions on domestic violence without the slightest knowledge of the
research summarised in the attached annotated bibliography may appear
stupid -- whereas they are actually merely ignorant and brainwashed.

I believe that my contribution so far, together with others in the men's
movement, has gradually been forcing feminists to move away from their
previous lie that men commit most domestic violence to the position (e.g.
Barry Wilson's position) that men are stronger and do more damage. You may
wish to reflect on the facts that:

  1. that is a sexist stereotype, and feminists are supposed to be against
    sexist stereotypes (whereas they were only ever against sexist stereotypes
    that disadvantaged women)

  2. if two men are in a dispute or a fight, one does not automatically
    penalise the stronger party -- one looks to see who is at fault -- and to take
    a different line when two different sexes are involved is discriminatory and

  3. there are such things as weapons, and there is behaviour such as throwing
    objects, damaging the other person's property, and psychological abuse in

You will be aware that domestic violence was made into a popularised issue
by the Feminists, which should make you suspicious about the amount of
objectivity surrounding this issue -- now that Feminism is mainstream in the
media, the education system and elsewhere. However, domestic violence is
studied relatively objectively by some psychologists, despite immense
pressure from feminists (which is documented) in our western, feminised

I invite you to reflect on the impact on power-relations within
relationships, when, if a dispute breaks out, the bottom line is that:

  1. The woman will get custody of the children

  2. If there is violence (even if initiated by the woman), it will be the man
    who will pay the penalty, including loss of normal access to his children.

I have a law degree, as well as qualifications in Psychology and other
fields. The attached file ... is a legal article which I have
written about domestic violence research and its effect on the legal system.

(You are) quoted as having said that 'police were often called to domestic
incidents where it was "blindingly clear" that a mother or her children were
in danger from an abusive and violent partner.' Could (you) please
arrange for me to have access to the information that (you base) this
statement on, and could he please arrange for me to accompany police to domestic
incidents where this situation is said to exist.

My point is that the police are taught feminist domestic violence lies, and
their capacity to evaluate such situations even-handedly is therefore very
patchy. The good sense of individual police officers has to compete with
ideological brainwashing from police headquaters.
I can document that."


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