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Feminist Mob Rule at Universities

© Peter Zohrab 2006

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If teaching is a branch of the entertainment industry (which, arguably, it is*), then I must congratulate Dr. Grant Morris, of the Victoria University of Wellington Law School, for recently gaining a Teaching Excellence Award. It is fully merited, and, with the benefit of the wide experience gained from having been an almost perpetual student, I can only endorse the following sentiments expressed in V. Alum (April 2006 issue):

"Students and colleagues speak incredibly highly of Dr. Morris's influence, impact and enthusiasm, and claim that he is one of the best lecturers the School of Law, indeed the University, has ever seen."

However, I come to bury the politicisation of education -- not to praise it (with apologies to Shakespeare).



The above-mentioned article refers to Dr. Morris consistently achieving exceptionally high ratings from students, and this raises the issue of the power of students over lecturers at universities where student ratings form part of the professional evaluation of lecturers. This power means that lecturers feel pressure to conform with the mentality, mores and political views of students.

For example, I know of one right-wing male lecturer at the same Law School who (totally out of context) referred to his own inability to "multi-task" -- an obvious display of subservience to the pressure-group of Feminist bimbos in the class, since "multi-tasking" has had a lot of publicity as being something that women can supposedly do better than men can (I have seen no publicity about how well women do tasks when they are multi-tasking, so I assume they do them badly -- otherwise this would have received a lot of publicity, too, in the Feminist media).



Anyone who knows the feudal model according to which universities function knows that you get a PhD and your articles published, etc., if, and only if, you follow the school of thought endorsed by your thesis advisor, the particular journal you want to get published in, or some other applicable authoritarian institution. So it is not surprising that Feminist journals have sprung up that publish Feminist rubbish, and that Feminism is now so powerful in academia that Feminist rubbish gets published (and anti-Feminist articles excluded) in mainstream journals.

When I say rubbish, I do mean rubbish -- self-contradictory rubbish, no less. See Feminist Jurisprudence Proves that a Woman's Place is in the Home.

That article originated as an essay for a course on Jurisprudence which was excellently taught by Dr. Grant Morris. It was a critique of one of the readings (on Feminist Jurisprudence) set by him for the course. Since I found that the reading was self-contradictory, I could criticise him for asking us to read it. However, that presumes that Feminism is an academic thought-system which is evaluated according to intellectual criteria. In fact, it is an ideology which is enforced by believers who assault, shout down, and otherwise intimidate and victimise people who disagree openly with it. So, in the highly political atmosphere of that Law School, I have no right to expect lecturers to behave rationally -- and they often don't.


Mob Rule

After writing the essay, I recall that I immediately put it onto the Web and emailed Dr. Morris, drawing his attention to it. At the start of the next class, he made a remark that indicated to me that he agreed with me that the Feminist Jusrisprudence article in question was rubbish.

Soon afterwards (either at an interval, or before the start of the next class), I saw a group of Feminist bimbos talking to him. At a subsequent lecture, he stated that Domestic Violence was a "women's issue". This, of course, is a Feminist way of claiming that men do not suffer Domestic Violence at the hands of women. I asked him what evidence he had for this claim, and he was so taken aback that I had time to repeat the word "evidence" and even to spell it out: "E-V-I-D-E-N-C-E" ! He looked for help -- in vain -- at the group of Feminist bimbos in the audience. I then referred to Professor Martin Fiebert's annotated Domestic Violence bibliography, which shows that women are at least as violent towards men as vice-versa.

It is essential not to be misled by what universities might have been in the past. Western universities at present are feudal structures which have been taken over by Feminist mobs, like what happens after a parasitic wasp lays its eggs in the body of a caterpillar, or a virus or hacker takes over a computer.


*And I say that as a former secondary teacher and lecturer myself.


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