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Bruce A. Arrigo, Ph.D. and Stacey L. Shipley, Psy.D. are Incompetents or Liars

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Bruce A. Arrigo, Ph.D. and Stacey L. Shipley, Psy.D. are Incompetents or Liars. Their book, Introduction to Forensic Psychology (2nd Edition), states, on page 74:

A disproportionate amount of heterosexual domestic violence is male-to-female....

They do not cite any source or any precise figures, because this statement is part of the holy writ of the mindless Feminist religion that has increasingly dominated Western universities since the time that women started becoming a significant proportion of the student body.

I refer you to the following website:


by Martin S. Fiebert
Department of Psychology
California State University, Long Beach


The word "annotated" means that there is a short summary of the research included with each reference. For a more easily digestible overview of the above excellent resource, I recommend my own page:

Overview of Fiebert's Annotated Domestic Violence Bibliography


Of course, it is grossly unprofessional, in what is supposed to be an academic book, to make such a false, sexist, and oppressive statement -- especially without citing a source -- and I fervently hope that some male victims of false accusations of domestic violence find a causal link that is sufficient to sue these vicious authors. I may be able to tell from the vacuous expressions on the faces of the authors that adorn the first couple of the pages of this book that they are probably fairly vacant, intellectually, but lots of students no doubt take these authors seriously and believe what they write, and will go on to persecute men accordingly in whatever professions they take up.

Needless to say, I hope, the book is full of anti-male sexism of this sort, such as the statement on page xxv, under the heading Race, Gender, and Class Dynamics, that:

... this edition provides more cogent and concise information on how women, minorities, and the poor are affected by psycholegal policies and practices.

For these authors, needless to say, "gender" means "women", as there is no sign that they are at all interested in how men are affected.

Similarly, referring to biological theories of the causation of criminal behaviour, the authors state on page 251:

The reader must be cautioned, however, that attributing an offender's behavior to a biological or brain disturbance may lead to a belief that such behavior cannot be helped due to its uncontrollable biological nature.

Underneath the mealy-mouthed verbiage, it is clear that the authors are being so arrogant here, that they presume to tell readers what beliefs they are allowed to have! It is only men who are affected by XYY sex chromosome irregularity, which is one of the causative factors mentioned in such theories, and this is why these sexist authors are so keen to make sure that their reader do not let these criminals off the hook. The so-called "Battered Woman's Syndrome", which is used to let women off the hook, is no doubt something that the authors support wholeheartedly, given that they peddle myths about male domestic violence.

There is nothing so criminal as the incitement of hatred against a group, such as males, by the most totalitarian institution in society; the university!


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