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Hostile Sexist Feminist Psychologist Misinterprets Research to Attack Men

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According to Susan Fiske, men see bikini-clad women as objectsWomen and Psychologists are notoriously unable to think logically, and this article (as reported on the CNN website) is a case in point.  When you look beyond the headline, you find that the following was the actual finding:

New research shows that, in men, the brain areas associated with handling tools and the intention to perform actions light up when viewing images of women in bikinis.

This does not prove that men see bikini-clad women as objects at all!  First of all, you have to have a definition of what "seeing someone as an object" actually means (if anything).  It seems that Fiske may just have imported the Feminist anti-male propaganda term "sex-object" into her research without thinking about its meaning.  Obviously, both men and women are objects -- (a) because they exist and (b) because they are solid, and not gaseous or liquid.  The article refers to other women being perceived as "in control of their own actions," so presumably being seen as an object is supposed to mean being seen as not in control of one's own actions.  Therefore Fiske's message seems to be that men see bikini-clad women as not in control of their own actions.  That does not follow at all logically from the finding quoted above.

The fact that you intend to perform actions does not entail that whatever/whoever you want to perform actions upon is not in control of their own actions.  For example, the action might be running away from, or attacking, a wild animal.  In neither case is the animal necessarily not in control of its own actions.  Although tools are often used on inanimate objects, weapons are also tools, and they are used against active animals and people. 

Which did our ancestors do first -- have sex or use tools?  Obviously, they had sex first, because they could not have had descendants otherwise!  Therefore the part of men's brains that is associated with having sex must have evolved first, which means that Fiske has got things back to front.  What Fiske should have said is something like this:

New research shows that, in men, the brain areas associated with viewing images of women in bikinis and intending to have sex light up when handling tools and having an intention to perform actions.

The brain is of limited size, and we must expect that "new" activities (such as using tools) had to be handled by areas of the brain which were already being used for other purposes (such as planning sex).

Women are typically relatively passive -- and therefore exploitative -- in courtship and sex.  This forces the male to choose between being active and being ignored by women.  Feminist man-haters like Fiske then use mickey-mouse universities such as Princeton to attack men for behaving in the way in which women force them to behave!  The article states that published research on how women depersonalise men has not been done.  Surprise!  Surprise!  The Feminist ethics committees would presumably not allow any research to take place that showed up women in a negative light!!


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