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Open Letter to Harvard University President Summers

© Peter Zohrab 2005

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Dear President Summers,


On behalf of the men of the World, I would like to congratulate you on your original statement that:

"innate differences between men and women could play a role in why fewer women succeed in science and math careers"

and condemn you for your later retraction. It is not that I agree with your original statement -- because I have not read enough about the issue to have a view -- but I congratulate you for confronting totalitarian Feminism by making it.

In the 17 January Associated Press report, you were quoted as "discussing hypotheses based on the scholarly work assembled for the conference". Isn't that what universities are for ? No -- of course not ! Modern western universities are for Feminists and other Leftists to say what THEY want to say and for them to assault, bully, and intimidate those who say anything different ! I have been assaulted by Feminist students in Law School -- these same Feminists who brainlessly and fascistoidly repeat lying stereotypes about men being violent towards women (See: fiebertb.html ). If Bin Laden wanted a secular argument in favour of Al Qaeda, that would have to be one of the best ones !

In response to your addressing certain theoretical issues, one woman walked out, and others later said they were "offended". None of them addressed the issues that you had raised.

In other words, here we had a male discussing some theoretical issues at an intellectual level, and the females in the audience refused, or were unable, to address the issues at an intellectual level -- responding at the level of emotion, and -- in effect -- censoring his views by political pressure. That behaviour, if anything, supports the hypothesis that women actually do have problems with intellectual competence.

The woman who walked out, biologist Nancy Hopkins, is quoted as having said:

"It is so upsetting that all these brilliant young women (at Harvard) are being led by a man who views them this way."

That is an intellectually incompetent statement. It is clear that you were not saying that the women on your staff were incompetent (though Nancy Hopkins shows that that might have been partially correct) -- you were just saying that there was evidence that, on average, women might be less gifted than men in cerain ways. If Nancy Hopkins doesn't understand that simple difference, she should resign on the grounds of intellectual incompetence. If she does understand that difference, she should resign for hypocritically trying to reduce an intellectual discussion to the level of politics.

I am not of East Asian ancestry, yet I am perfectly able to discuss the hypothesis that East Asians have the highest average IQs without walking out or putting on a show of immature petulance. Why can't Western women behave maturely and rationally ?

I request that you find me a grant to research female stupidity in academia, as I have begun to collect examples. Here is a classic from your brother Ivy League university, Yale (femathom.html):

Ann Scales, in 1985, gave a lecture in the Dean's Lecture Series at Yale Law School (later published in "Feminist Jurisprudence", edited by Patricia Smith). In it she said (roughly):

  1. that the female approach to life abhors dichotomies and oppositions; and

  2. that her Feminist theory of Jurisprudence, which was based on statement (1), is opposed to male views of Jurisprudence, and that this dichotomy should be resolved by replacing the male approach with the female approach !

This self-contradiction, in my experience, is typical of the intellectual calibre of Feminists -- if not of women generally. So many women in academia are Feminists, by my definition of Feminism (see: contents.html ), that it is hard to know if this is a feature just of Feminism, or of women generally.


Peter Zohrab
Acting President
New Zealand Equality Education Foundation


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