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Correspondence with a Female Lawyer-cum-Human-Rights-Activist

(slightly edited)

Peter Zohrab 2021

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(I don't want to identify this person or in what forum this exchange took place.)


Me: You have a great page! I will put a link to it up early next month on the page: domereso.html

Her: Thanks but I am a woman, fighting against DV in general. I don't believe there are feminist lies beyond a minor percent of lies involved in crime reports overall.

Me: Well, I am an expert in this area and I believe that you just don't know anything about it. You should read this review of "The Battered Woman" by Lenore E. Walker at batwmrev.html or countless writings by me, including my free book, "Sex, Lies & Feminism" at contents.html

Her: I am an international human rights activist and attorney and know plenty about it. It's not okay to assume I don't. Remember this per Harvard Law Review: don't attack people or their positions. Focus on issues and interests. Then brainstorm solutions.

Me: I'm sorry, but I know a lot about Human Rights and lawyers. I have a Law degree (amongst others), for a start. I went to Law School because it was obvious that Law School brainwashed lawyers with Feminist propaganda. Domestic Violence comes under Psychology -- not Law (I have also studied Psychology). Law just deals with the Law. But Lawyers are arrogant and think that they know about Family Violence without actually studying it. That is because they get brainwashed by Feminists at legal conferences and Law School. And Human Rights activists seldom treat men and women equally. They usually say "sex discrimination" and mean "men discriminating against women", and they say say "racial discrimination" and mean "Whites discriminating against Blacks." Predetermination!


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Someone has let women out of the kitchen -- and they have been telling lies ever since!




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