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Former Prime Minister Endorses Criticism of Former Governor-General

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Former Prime Minister Sir Geoffrey Palmer has implicitly endorsed my trenchant criticism of former Governor-General Dame Silvia Cartwright. He was seen on TV One's 6 o'clock News on 23 August 2006 (and can be seen also at http://tvnz.co.nz/view/page/411368/819964 ) describing the role of Governors-General as follows, in the context of the appointment of her successor:

"They must be above politics," says constitutional lawyer and former Prime Minister Geoffrey Palmer. "They've got to be a unity symbol for the whole of New Zealand and for them to make utterances of a political sort which can be misinterpreted will cause only trouble."

There was no example of such utterances in the article on that page, and Palmer said it with a huge grin, so it can plausibly be taken as a reference to my (former) webpage about Dame Silvia, which the Wellington District Law Society criticised me for writing. Sir Geoffrey seems to react to my writings with (kindly) amusement, as I experienced once before, when I came across him in the street, after I had criticised him for referring to fathers' protests as "making a fuss.".

I must emphasise that this is the first reference (however oblique) that I have seen made by anyone in the legal system to Cartwright's behaviour, which typifies the habitual gross negligence of said legal system where the need for criticism of the misdeeds (however gross and constitutionally important) of women is concerned. It is precisely this pathological chivalry as regards criticising women that made it necessary for me to write a webpage couched in such strong terms. We can't possibly have sexual equality if one sex (i.e. the female sex) is simply not criticised or sanctioned when it misbehaves.

This is what I wrote on that webpage:

"You always give the impression of being a complete airhead, but your latest corruption of your constitutional role of neutrality demonstrates your incompetence, and you should resign forthwith !

A Member of Parliament has already once complained of your politicising of your role (see the page: http://www.nzherald.co.nz/index.cfm?ObjectID=2349338 ) , and now you have chosen Waitangi Day, one of your highest-profile public appearances, to demonstrate your stupidity and sexism.

Resign, you bitch ! You make me vomit !!"


* Actually, I should have written karanga, instead of karakia.


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