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Calling a SCUM a SCUM

© Peter Zohrab 2007

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Psychologist Neville Robertson, Law lecturer Ruth Busch and the newspaper The Dominion Post are S.C.U.M. - Sexists Dedicated to Cutting Up Men.

The SCUM Manifesto, the manifesto of the Society for Cutting Up Men, demonstrates the extreme sexist misandry (hatred of men) that many Feminists are capable of, and which is -- to a greater or lesser extent -- part of the culture of Western media and education systems.

The report on the operation of the Domestic Violence Act 1995 by Robertson and Busch, according to The Dominion Post's two totally one-sided articles of 28 August 2007, is aimed at stirring up an atmosphere of hysteria, in order to produce even more hysterically anti-male amendments to this already Feminazi Act. The most relevant quote is as follows:

"It takes two children to be mauled by dogs and the law is changed. How many women and children will have to die before we address the issue of domestic violence in our country?"

  1. This quote is grossly sexist, since it does not even mention men as victims of Domestic Violence.

  2. It ignores all the children who were killed by women.

  3. It is totally mindless: it lumps together murders with other domestic violence and assumes that all we have to do to "solve" the problem of domestic violence is to get emotional about it and pass even more hysteria-based legislation.

  4. It ignores the point that the Feminazi Domestic Violence Act 1995, which was passed as the result of Feminazi hysteria, has been in operation for 12 years and seems to have done no good whatsoever (quite apart from the harm it has done, which is another issue on its own).

    It is pointless to pretend that people are rational: We recently witnessed a march in Auckland of people who were against child abuse. There must be something more stupid than going on a march to stop child abuse, but I can't for the life of me think what it might be! If you want to stop child abuse, a rational approach would be to analyse society at the point in time when there was less child abuse and compare it with society nowadays. Look at the differences between then and now, and see what might have had a causal effect. Of course, the media and education system will not do this, because they have successfully changed society drastically along Feminist lines (using one-sided propaganda), and they are the last ones to want to discover that the changes that they have forced on us by brainwashing us are responsible for many of the evils of contemporary society!

    On 11 September 2007, on Australia's Channel 9 television, I saw retiring Queensland State Premier Beattie announce that he was retiring from politics. He said he would not enter politics at the federal level, otherwise there would be a State Funeral -- his own -- since his wife would strangle him! This was a great joke, and he and the boneheads at Channel 9 TV laughed out loud.

    Excuse me! He was joking about Domestic Violence and murder!! But, of course, that was OK, because the victim was only a male! At the same time, the Queensland Government has a Minister for Women who is a sexist liar, in that she says that "domestic violence primarily affects women". She does not provide any evidence for this, of course, because Labour Party Premiers such as Peter Beatty do not require female politicians to provide evidence, be rational or use logic. The evidence is overwhelmingly that women commit just as much domestic violence as men do -- see Professor Martin Fiebert's Annotated Domestic violence bibliography at http://www.csulb.edu/~mfiebert/assault.htm .

    Peter Beattie is grossly incompetent and might as well be insane -- he laughs at Domestic Violence and murder against a male (himself), while allowing a sexist, women-only ministry to perpetrate the lie that mainly men commit Domestic Violence. It is precisely because of the insanity of politicians such as the Australian, Peter Beattie, and his equivalents in New Zealand -- who are too numerous to name, although former Justice Minister Phil Goff is a case in point -- that SCUM like Neveiile Robertson and Ruth Busch are allowed to keep lying, using taxpayer money!

    Of course, the Feminist-dominated media are incompetent and sexist as well. I heard on New Zealand's National Radio on 12 September 2007 from a journalist that Peter Beattie is a darling of the media. Obviously this is because he has a baby face, is utterly stupid and is an insane SCUM -- like most of the media.

    It is very hard to combat irrationality with reason. Women comprise most of the electorate, and they have very little capacity for reason. Emotion has to be fought with emotion!




Peter Douglas Zohrab

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