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Owen Glenn: A Fool and his Money are Soon Parted.

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The Road to Hell is Paved with Good Intentions

The Glenn Inquiry into New Zealand's child abuse and domestic violence has been set up by a sucker with too much money.  On one page, it states that domestic violence is a gendered issue, which is hypocritical feminist code for the claim that only violence against women exits, or matters -- or some other sexist view of that nature.  See Professor Fiebert's Annotated Domestic Violence Research BibliographyNo decent person could possibly make a submission to such a discriminatory inquiry.

Another prominent businessman was sucked in by the New Zealand domestic violence industry in its early days.  I wrote to him, asking for financial help in my fight against feminists, on the issues of domestic violence, in particular, because he was known to be fairly politically incorrect.  However, his response included such statements as the following:

The concept (of women's refuges -- PZ), then fairly new, was desperately needed and I was able to facilitate government funding for them.  I helped them for another decade with free office space and the like but then pulled away as I watched the inevitable huge bureaucracy evolve plus a childish anti-male culture permeate the organisation. 

Conned by the feminists into adopting the role of knight in shining armour, rescuing damsels in distress from evil male monsters, this businessman can hardly be expected to admit the huge damage his actions have done to New Zealand men, families, children and society. 

It is in the nature of human behaviour to run to excess as indeed has occurred with feminism, but ultimately common sense and balance is (sic) restored.

Of course, that is a load of rubbish.  What actually happens is that excess becomes established as the norm, and is taught to new generations by the media and education system as "natural", so that so-called "common sense and balance" are redefined as whatever excess the dominant ideology (e.g. feminism) declares to be common sense and balance. 

Then the businessman says:

The feminist movement has done more good than harm....

This is a blatant lie -- or, more accurately, a statement made with blatant disregard for the truth.  The businessman has obviously been overwhelmed with feminist propaganda about how wonderful feminism is, but he has had -- and has sought -- absolutely no information (apart from my letter) about the harm that feminism has done.



The Thick Tank

Owen Glenn's so-called "Think Tank" comprises 36 people.  Of these, eight are described on Glenn's website as having a focus on violence against women or on women's refuges, and NONE have any focus on violence against men, or on men or fathers in general.  These eight people are thoroughly evil, sexist and discriminatory.  By extension, Owen Glenn and his Inquiry are thoroughly evil, sexist and discriminatory.


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