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Expulsion of Jan Logie from Parliament

Peter Zohrab 2021

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(Open Letter to the Speaker of the New Zealand Parliament)


Dear Mr. Mallard,

I am writing to suggest that there must, or should be some Privileges Committee or other parliamentary standard of conduct which the Member of Parliament, Jan Logie, has breached, which should lead to her expulsion from Parliament, for the following reasons:

  1. Although she allegedly described herself as a "lefty, feminist lesbian" in her maiden speech to Parliament, in her recent interview on TV One's Q+A programme, she cross-dressed as if she was a straight, conservative woman and then proceeded to sexually harass the interviewer, Jack Tame, making him out to be Homosexual -- see https://www.tvnz.co.nz/shows/q-and-a/clips at 4:00 minutes into the interview. She clicked her fingers at him aggressively and laughed at him, causing him to blush. Kiwi women are generally Dykes and love to conscript men to be killed in wars, love to abort men's children (at the mother's whim) or force them to pay child support (if the mother doesn't choose to have an abortion), and love to lie about wanting "equality", when they force men to allow women to work alongside men in all professions except professional sports -- for the sole reason that it does not suit women to have equality in professional sports. Women play in separate, inferior competitions and even expect to be paid for it! No man -- unless he is completely stupid -- can possibly be aware of all this female lying and oppression of men and still maintain a constantly positive attitude towards women in general!

  2. In an earlier interview on TV3, Logie, referring to Ros Noonan, said, "her job is to take a Human Rights lens to this, and clearly that’s the safety of victims and children – particularly women and children." Here she is clearly stating that men either don't have any Human Rights, or have fewer Human Rights than women.

  3. In the above-mentioned Q+A interview, she uttered a bare-face lie, stating, at line 71 (see my transcript): "As a country we are so very far behind every single other jurisdiction" (i.e. as regards sexual violence legislation). That is a complete lie, since countries vary widely as regards their sexual violence legislation and very few have the kind of legislation that Logie wants to have.

In summary, Logie pretends to be something that she is not, has sexually harassed an interviewer, thinks men have no Human Rights and tells bare-faced lies. However, maybe that is just par for the course for female Members of Parliament?


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Peter Douglas Zohrab

Latest Update

21 April 2021