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Summary Haiku:

Men have no rights,
but aren't less human.
We blame sexism.


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Abolition of Men's Human Rights in New Zealand

Abuse of Power and Intrusion into Privacy by New Zealand Broadcasters and by the New Zealand Parliament

Allegations by Victims: Paula Bennett Contradicts Herself

Andrew Little Lies Like a Girl.

Andy Murray, Defender of Truth and Sex-War Hero

Are there any Human Rights in New Zealand?

Bread and Circuses

Cognitive Psychology, Family Violence and how the Left has destroyed Democracy

Committing Genocide With Kindness

Crusher Collins Crushes Another Man!


Daterape Scenarios

De-Dumbing Up: Rolling Back Feminism and Liberating Men


Dedicating My Next Book to Jacinda Ardern

Equality before the Law

Equality in a Presidential Campaign

Expulsion of Jan Logie from Parliament


Fake News TV Favours Flaky Female

Fascism of the EU Parliament's President

Fascist Green-Party Lardball and the Bonobofication of the Human Species

Fascist Scumbag Tamati Coffey

Fascist Thickshit, David Cunliffe

Female Violence and Domestic Violence Policy

Femi-Fascism of Phil Goff

Feminazi UN High Commissioner for Human Rights proves that Pinochet must have been a great man!

Feminist Dog Whistling

Feminist Equality Means that Women Are Allowed to Assault Men

Feminist Hypocrisy

Feminist Power & Control, Watergate and President Trump's "Russia Connection"

Feminist Religion Outranks Science

Former Prime Minister Endorses Criticism of Former Governor-General

Free Speech: My Recent Exchange of Emails with Influential National Party Member of Parliament, Chris Bishop

Green MP Jan Logie Proves that Women's Suffrage Should Be Repealed


Hilary Clinton for White House Advisor on Violence Against Women!

Hypocrisy of UN Secretary-General on Human Rights

If Jacinda Ardern is Lipstick on a Pig, Who is the Pig that she is the Lipstick on?


Insanity of Sir Douglas Graham

Intellectually Incompetent Prime Minister Murders Australian Women.

Is Amy Adams a Green Party Spy in the National Party?

Is There a Batterer in the US Senate?

Jan Logie: Man-Hating as a Religion

Justice Minister Judith Collins is Incompetent (at best)!

Kiwi Males Beware: Somewhere Near You, Some Woman Is Having An Emotion!

Kiwi men should vote for New Zealand First in the 2017 General Election


Left Dishonourable Minister proves a Woman's Place is in the Home

Lesbian National Party

Letting Men Off the Feminists' Meat-Hooks

Lying Female Witnesses

Lying Logie Cons Parliament Into Convicting Innocent Men.


Male Politicians and Female Policies

Matriarchy Awareness Test

Media's Fake News about President Trump

More Lies and Scams From University Lie-Factories

MP Testifies to Mother's Abuse of Father

Minister of Justice Acts Unfairly and in Secrecy.

Minister of Women's Police Covers Up Police Oppression of Men.

Nancy Pelosi Dislikes Violence Against Women, Because She Prefers Violence Against Men.

Network of Manhaters cons the New Zealand Public about Family Violence

New Zealand, the Nazi Germany of the South Pacific

No Evidence from Feminist Lawyers and No Statistics from the Feminist Media -- when it comes to Core Propaganda Issues

Non-existence of Law and Journalism in New Zealand


Obituary: Jeanette Fitzsimons

On being sane in an insane country

Open Letter to Helen Clark on Lesbian Feminist Morality

Open Letter to the Tyrant of Injustice

Parental Discipline Bill

Parliamentary Cover-Up

Parliament's Oppression of Men & Pregnant Women's Abuse of Men

Personal is Political

Peter Dunne Tramples on Human Rights, Bows to Media Power and Tells Lies

Political Bias in the Criminal Cases Review Commission

Portland Call to Eliminate Destabilising Racist and Sexist Content by the Mainstream Media

Prime Child Abuser Says "Do as I say!"

Prime Minister with a Degree in Conning People

"Principles of the Treaty of Waitangi" Deletion Bill

Psychoanalysing the Minister of (ha! ha!) Justice

Racist Demonstrators Drown Out White Speaker and Listen to Brown Speaker

Racist Feminist Leapfrogging

Racist, John Tamihere


Real Parliamentary Parties

Royal Commission of Inquiry Into Media Bias


Science Applied to Politics

Sexist and Racist Wellington City Council

Sexist Dyke in Parliament

Sexual Violence Interview of Jan Logie by Q+A (Transcript)

Speaker Who Would Be King

Speech by Winston Peters, MP

Stalinist-Lesbian-Maori Medicines Policy Cons the People and Destroys Democracy and Human Rights.

Steven Joyce Defends Men Against Man-Banning Carol Beaumont.

Strange Case of the Member of Parliament for Television New Zealand

Submission on Family Court Proceedings Reform Bill -- version 1

Submission on Family Court Proceedings Reform Bill -- version 2

Submission on proposed legislation against the incitement of hatred/hostility

System is Rigged Against Donald Trump, because he is a Man!

Tranz Metro railway Discrimination & Cultural Lesbianism

Two Sexist White Ribbon Bullies Bite the Dust!


Undemocratic Parliamentarians

University Feminazism: Four Non-Responders

Unsuitability of Christine Lagarde for position of IMF Managing Director

Vice-President Biden Lies to Chinese Students


What Gets Measured Gets Done

Where There's a Will, There's a Way.

White-Ribboned Shylock

Why does the Prime Minister Support a Discriminatory Campaign?

Why I admire Winston Peters

Why is Trump Trump?: A Reply to General Colin Powell

Willful Defamation and Oppression of Men

Women and War





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